5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes to Avoid

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I promoted my course for getting featured on famous blogs a few moments ago.

Did you know it costs only $20 for monthly enrollment? Seriously cheap, right? Especially for a value-packed course offering a bold promise. I landed features on some world-famous sites. Now I share tips from my experience to help you do it, too.

Do you know how many months passed between never mentioning this course? I am embarrassed to share the number. How about…..years. I made a big profit boo-boo in terms of blog monetizing common to most bloggers.

Correct these mistakes. Boost your blogging profits. Be all in and monetize your blog effectively with these smart tips.

blog monetization mistakes

1: Rarely Promoting Premium Offerings

Flat out bizarre, but I expected to make money hiding premium offerings.

I did wake up, spot my fear and of course, began promoting my stuff freely.

Do not hold back. Do not be shy. Never avoid promoting premium offerings. Shy bloggers hide products and services. Potential customers and clients pick up on their lack of clarity and stay away. Be clear. Promote yourself heaps. Profit.

2: Waiting Too Long to Monetize

Thank goodness I monetized early during my blogging career. Otherwise, I would have experienced serious issues in monetizing like most bloggers who make this critical error. How do you expect to make money blogging if you wait years to begin making money blogging? Monetize. Way too many bloggers fear to add income streams for annoying or completely turning off readers. Huge mistake. Waiting on the sidelines allows more days to expire before you can actually earn money. Plus the discomfort grows as you allow the fear of monetizing to dominate your mind. Dive in now. Begin monetizing your blog.

3: Going Lone Wolf

Going lone wolf hurt me heaps for many years. But co-creating changed all that in a major league way.


I monetized poorly trying to do everything myself; promoting the same opp to a slightly growing audience did not yield solid, growing profits. But co-creating by guest posting, by allowing guest posts on my blog and by creating mutually beneficial partnerships did wonders for me and my blogging career, along with increased monetizing too.

Spend a good deal of time building bonds with fellow bloggers. Be generous. Help people. Guest posting gigs, features, interviews and flat out joint ventures help you monetize your blog effectively.

4: Not Opening Multiple Streams of Income

I promote many streams of income I work every single day. From my courses to eBooks to other income channels, to my audiobooks, sponsored posts, and advertising opportunities, I share each freely to maximize my blogging profits. Unfortunately, many struggling bloggers rely solely on one income. Avoid this scarcity level of blog monetizing because guess what happens if the one stream goes away? Your blogging income dries up overnight. Plus pushing profits through a single stream is not an abundant, prospering way to blog. Why profit through one channel when you can profit through multiple channels?

Open multiple streams of blogging income. Earn more money by catering to reader needs.

5: Not Sticking It Out

NOBODY monetizes their blogs effectively as newbie bloggers. We all take time, generosity and patience to reap sweet blogging returns on the effort we put in. Blog monetizing requires day by day effort over yearly time frames. Back up. Re-think that one. Toy around with the idea in your mind. Blogging profits sprout from day to day efforts – generous efforts, at that – over yearly time frames.

Stick the blogging journey out. Most bloggers struggle to monetize because they do not give generously and patiently enough before blogging profits flow to them. Never make this error. See the journey through to reap the sweet blogging profits you deserve. Nothing happens overnight but if you keep at it for years you will see increased blogging income.


I made each blog monetizing mistake guys.

Do not follow my path.

Monetize effectively by avoiding these errors.

Profit intelligently and enjoy the ride by monetizing with a sound, proven strategy.

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