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6 Popular Grammar and Spell Checking Tools

If you’re a blogger, author, or editor, you’d know some of the popular grammar and spell checking tools. I thought to write a blog post covering some of the top grammar checking tools that bloggers and writers use for checking grammatical errors and spelling mistakes


10 Popular Social Media Marketing Tools for Bloggers

Are you finding a social media marketing tool for scheduling your posts on Instagram? Do you need a social media sharing plugin? No worries. This blog post uncovers a bunch of social media tools for bloggers, SEOs, digital marketers, e-commerce experts, and small businesses to help them in social media marketing


How to Write Attractive Email Subject Lines (in 4 Steps)

Do you think you can’t write attractive email subject lines? A few years ago, I believed the same, but I’ve got better now. Did I take a course on email marketing or something


ContentStudio: Why I Switched to this Social Media Tool

ContentStudio is a popular social media management tool for bloggers, online marketers, webmasters, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It’s not a typical social media scheduling tool, but rather it’s a social media management and content distribution platform


Part-time Blogging: How to Blog Part-time and Make Extra Money

Have you ever thought about part-time blogging and making extra money? I asked this question because a lot of people ask me about making extra money online. So instead of giving my answer individually, I thought I’d write a blog post telling how to blog part-time and make money


Need a Blog Post Idea? Here’s What You Should Do

Have you ever come across a situation where you’re unable to figure out a blog post idea? Bloggers and writers go through different challenges along the way


How to Write a 1000-word Blog Post in Minutes

It might seem scary to a lot of bloggers if you ask them to come up with a 1000-word blog post in no time. Of course, it gets easier if they’re interested in the topic, but the majority of them would ponder for a while


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