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3 Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2020

Blogging confuses most folks because information overload cripples most bloggers. How should you blog? What should you do? How can you improve dwindling traffic and profits metrics? Before you go crazy trying to pinpoint your mistakes, follow a few blogging fundamentals. Stick to the basics to guarantee that …

What 2 Blogging Skills Are Overlooked?

Creating. Connecting. Let’s get down to it. Bloggers usually mess up both creating and connecting because not creating and not connecting are root causes of blogging failure. Both skills seem highly overlooked in a world of bloggers who just want to hack Google, earn their profits, and exit …

5 Blog Monetizing Mistakes to Avoid

I promoted my course for getting featured on famous blogs a few moments ago. Did you know it costs only $20 for monthly enrollment? Seriously cheap, right? Especially for a value-packed course offering a bold promise. I landed features on some world-famous sites. Now I share tips from my …

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