7 Best Amazon Associates Alternatives With Better Commissions


Are you panicking and finding the best Amazon Associates alternatives right now? If yes, then you probably heard of a recent change Amazon made in their Associate’s program. So this means you badly need to switch to another affiliate program that could serve as the best alternative to Amazon Associates.

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I won’t dig deeper into the commission changes. However, you can check out this page to learn about the revised commissions across multiple categories.

Amazon Associates commission rates before April 21, 2020
Amazon Associates New Commission Rates
Amazon Associates commission rates after April 21, 2020

Perhaps, what made most affiliate marketers furious about this change is cutting down the commission on Furniture, Home, Home Improvement, Lawn & Garden, Pets Products, Pantry categories from 8% to 3%.

Note: Please be advised that I don’t have a problem with Amazon Associates. I might still use it for a while. The reason is that I don’t depend on a single source of income. Neither should you. The purpose of this blog post is to help out bloggers and affiliate marketers who are freaking out right now. 

Anyway, these things happen from time to time. Instead of bashing a network or platform or company, we must learn how to adapt according to the situation.

I read a book series named “Who Moved My Cheese” and the follow-up “Out of the Maze.” The story in that book series was about moving on with the change, and what happens if you don’t adjust yourself according to the new circumstances.

Let’s come back to the point.

Amazon Associates Alternatives

Here are the Best Amazon Associates Alternatives You Should Try:

1. Target

I’d say “Target” right off the bat. I’m not going to lie; I once thought about their affiliate program and but didn’t apply for it. Now, I might look into it. They offer up to 8% commission and offer 7-day cookies. The best part is that they manage their affiliate program through Impact Radius, which is a fantastic affiliate platform.  

2. Walmart

Walmart is a competitor of Target and Amazon, especially when it comes to online shopping. However, both Target and Walmart are leaders in the brick-and-mortar shopping segment. Over the past few years, these brands have transitioned themselves into online shopping platforms, which posed direct competition to Amazon. Walmart also partnered up with Impact Radius to run its affiliate program. However, they pay commissions of up to 18% on certain products. They have a 3-day cookies system.

3. B&H

B&H is a popular online retailer in the photography and camera equipment space in the United States. They offer up to 8% commission. However, they have certain rules, just like any other affiliate program, that you have to follow. Furthermore, you must go through their terms and conditions on the affiliate sign-up page because they don’t accept affiliates from Louisiana state as well as they have highlighted certain terms to abide by for the residents of various U.S. states, which are mentioned on the very page.

4. Aliexpress

Aliexpress is one of the leaders in the global e-commerce industry. You can get up to 8% commission on the products. However, there are two disadvantages to being an Aliexpress affiliate. 1) They don’t have a deep linking system, at least, I didn’t find it yet. Instead, they offer products to be promoted through different sections such as hot products, promoted products, Aliexpress billboards, and more. 2) They offer only a session-based cookie system, which according to my understanding, you become eligible to get the commission paid if the referral visitor purchases during the same session. If so, that’s not cool. I could be wrong about this, though. Furthermore, they pay affiliates via bank wire only.  

Update: I reached out to Aliexpress via email and asked them to clarify the cookie days. They confirmed to me that they offer 3-day cookies.

5. Banggood

Banggood is another big player in the international online shopping industry. They have customers in over 100 countries. They offer up to 15% commission to the new affiliates. However, they have three slabs for the affiliates: standard, premium, and VIP. If you’re a VIP, you could earn up to 25% commission on certain products. Look at their commission rates chart; plus, you should know that they have a 15-day cookie system. Moreover, the affiliates could get paid via PayPal or Bank transfer.

6. Dealextreme

Dealextreme is a popular online retailer that deals in various household, consumer, and industrial products. It’s a good option from the Amazon Associates alternative or the Aliexpress affiliate alternative standpoint, just in case. They offer up to 15% commission to the affiliates. Take a look at their commission rates page for more details.

7. DHGate

DHGate is a giant online retailer and one of the most popular Chinese e-commerce companies. They have millions of buyers in more than 200 countries. As far as the Amazon Associates alternatives are concerned, they’re certainly one of them. There are a few things that I like about the DHGate affiliate program, for example, they have 30-day cookies, their commission rates are between 2% to 15%, and they use multiple affiliate networks such as CJ, Shareasale, Rakuten marketing, Admited, NetAffiliation, Maxbounty, CommissionFactory, linkconnector, and many more.

Your Thoughts

Let me tell you something honestly: I have been blogging for more than a decade now. I have seen ups and downs throughout my blogging career.

At some point, when Google AdSense seemed to be the only source of blog monetization, bloggers used to cry over their sites getting banned on the platform. Later on, they discover new ways to monetize their blogs. I have seen such stories time and again.

I see such hurdles as a blessing in disguise. When one of my blogs got banned on AdSense, meaning, AdSense stopped showing ads on my blog. I thought it was the end of my blogging career. But later on, I discovered affiliate marketing and freelancing.

So things and strategies change over time. If you’re thinking the Amazon Associates program was your main income source and now it might be the same, then I think you’re thinking too much into this.

I just shared the seven best Amazon Associates alternatives you with. And they aren’t the only ones out there. You might find a few more along the way.

So don’t get discouraged by this setback. Sort out a new affiliate program and utilize it as an Amazon affiliate program’s alternative.

Did this blog post help somehow?

Let me know in the comments; I might share something useful in the comment’s reply too.

I’m looking forward to talking to you in the comments section.

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