10 Best Blogging Tools I’ll Use in 2020

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Are you excited about blogging in 2020? I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to get into the spirit of the New Year. We all feel excited partly because we have plans to pursue, things to experience, and stuff to try out.

If you’re a blogger, you’d be thinking about how you’d proceed with your blogging in 2020 — I’m doing this too.

One of the things I’m so happy about is that I’ll be using some of the best products that I bought during this holiday season.

Plus, I’ll be trying out new products during Christmas and New Year holidays as well.

Isn’t it so great that blogging allows us to share the nicest things we do or feel happy about with everyone else?

I’m going to share the 10 best blogging tools that I’ll use in 2020 in my blogging or otherwise. Surely, these products would help me create content on blogs as well as social media.

So without any further ado, let’s me share a list of the 10 best blogging tools I’ll use in 2020:

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is my favorite tool for grammar and spell checking. Not only does it have a clean and effective interface, but it also works quite good. I have had a chance to try out a few popular grammar checking tools, but they didn’t impress me much. I’m looking forward to using Grammarly in 2020 as well.

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is an SEO tool that makes your keyword research a lot easier and cheap. Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive subscriptions of keyword research softwares to find low-competition keywords. This tool could turn things around for you in as low as $10.

3. BackupBuddy

Backing up your blog or website is an essential element of site management. One of the important duties of pro-bloggers is to continuously back up their blog databases and files, just in case. I’m being honest, it’s difficult to take backups frequently. It only takes 10 minutes, but it always seemed a boring task to do. I’ve recently installed BackupBuddy; it’s a great tool for automatic backups. Now, I’m satisfied that my blog databases and files are in safe hands.

4. iThemes Security

I have listened to the bloggers whose blogs got hacked, content got deleted, and links were injected into CMS scripts. Being a blogger, I know that content management systems are vulnerable. You have to secure your blogs and websites as much as you can. I have been wanting to get a paid security plugin for a while, but couldn’t find a reliable and affordable option until I found iThemes Security Pro. It has changed everything for me.

5. Filmora 9

Filmora is a video editing software for marketers, bloggers, vloggers, and video editors. It is one of the paid softwares that I use almost every week. I have been a happy customer of Filmora video editing software for the last three years. It’s easy to learn and use; most of you might not have used any video editor before. Meaning, if you’re just starting out on YouTube or want to edit your own videos for Facebook, then buy a Filmora subscription and have fun.

6. WPS Office

WPS Office is a complete office suite that has segments such as documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs. It’s available for free, but I’m a paid user of the WPS Office. The reason why I switched to WPS Office paid edition is that it has a cloud feature, which saves your files on the cloud storage. I have lost my hard drives data twice, so I know how it feels to lose all your important data. As a blogger and content writer, I needed to get this to keep my written content safe and secure. And, I sure will be using WPS Office in 2020, for sure.

7. Skillshare

Skillshare is an online course subscription website that offers a wide range of courses. I’m taking a couple of courses on Skillshare, and it has been incredibly useful for me. It’s undoubtedly one of the best-paid products I’ve ever bought. I’ve hinted before about all the online courses I’m planning on taking in 2020. If you’re wondering, how is it a blogging product? The answer is that it may not be directly helping me in writing blogs, but the courses I’m taking are indirectly helpful for my knowledge, skills, and exposure. So I can surely say that these online courses would make me a better blogger in 2020.

8. Pocket

Pocket is a bookmarking tool that I have been using to save websites and articles that I like or want to check out later on. It has a mobile app that gets synced with the account. Before starting using Pocket, I used to lose track of important articles and websites. Now it becomes easier to pool together content using tags, which work like categories. I’ll continue using the Pocket tool in 2020 as well.

9. DesignCap

DesignCap is my go-to online graphics designing tool that I recently started using and loving it. It has surely become my number one choice for creating banners, blog featured images, and social media graphics. It’s a free online tool, however, some of the features are accessible to paid users only.

10. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that connects affiliate marketers and advertisers. You can sign-up as an affiliate to start promoting the relevant products through your blog and email newsletter and start getting paid commissions on the sales. The reason why I joined ShareASale was that it has multiple payout methods for affiliates, which becomes easier for affiliate marketers to withdraw the money. A lot of affiliate marketing platforms only payout through PayPal, which stops users from using those networks because PayPal doesn’t operate in many countries.

Bonus Tool: ContentStudio

Let me share a bonus tool with you. ContentStudio is my favorite social media management tool that I use for scheduling and posting content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. You can read the ContentStudio review as well.

Let’s end this

Blogging tools play a vital role in making your blogging journey easier. They make you understand why pro-bloggers use and recommend high-end, paid blogging tools.

What blogging tools are you going to try in 2020?

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments.


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