A Blog Monetization Mistake Bloggers Should Avoid

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“I’ve wondered for years how Ryan does all that he does. I read the book from beginning to end in just about 2 hours or so.

I found a couple tips that can really help me take my business to another level. I don’t want to spoil any of the tips for you, so dig in… I’m so grateful to have read this book. I always get something from this guy. He is an amazing mentor and social media expert.”

5-Star Review on one of my Amazon eBooks.

Do you want to know how smart I am as a pro-blogger?

I am so intelligent that I completely ignored promoting loyal, rabid fans who endorsed me, promoted me and loved me, for many years of my life. Observe the 5-star review above. Do you believe I recently began promoting my 5-star eBook reviews genuinely and persistently? I avoided doing this for years because deep down, one part of me hated myself, I believed I was not worthy and my eBook sales floundered a bit because I did not give significant attention and energy to positive, glowing, inspired reviews on my blog, through guest posts, and through social media.

My stupidest, dumbest blog monetizing mistake of all time is this: not promoting the heck out of loyal reader endorsements, 5-star reviews, and glowing testimonials.

blog monetization mistake

Why is it a Blog Monetization Mistake?

Ponder my lack of intelligence: people loved what I did and I never promoted this fact and shared it with you.

Peep the review above for my eBook: 10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Bloggers

One of my loyal readers published the glowing, loving review. Even though Amazon users see the review, I made the idiotic mistake of not promoting the review on:

  • my blog
  • my guest posts
  • my social media

Imagine if you are a busy blogger, working a full-time job. Envision the stress of trying to blog part-time while working 40 hours weekly or longer. My eBook title seems enticing, right? But reading a glowing, positive review on this blog, before you consider clicking through to visit the page sways you to buy the eBook. We both win; you get a helpful guide to save time and experience blogging success, and I make an eBook commission sale, manifesting as payment at month-end.

Do you see why this blog monetizing technique is smart? More importantly, do you see why ignoring the tactic is silly? People love what you do. Give your attention and energy to promoting people loving what you do. Promote loving endorsements. Advertise 5-star reviews. Readers who enjoy your titles will be inspired by reviews because humans love word-of-mouth marketing.

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Readers Trust Referral Marketing

I may say my eBook rocks and you may trust me but if a human being other than me reads my eBook, enjoys the eBook and takes time out of their busy schedule to publish a 5-star review on Amazon, you are 10 times more likely to buy the eBook. Even before you visit the Amazon product page, reading the review via this blog post, inspires you to strongly consider the buy.

Drilling deeper, if I promote the glowing, 5-star review from another human than myself, in 2, 3 or 5 spots online, you see the review and trust more deeply in my eBook, being more likely to buy it, because of humans trust referral or word-of-mouth marketing.

People go to doctors based on friend referrals. People hire plumbers based on referrals from co-workers. Ditto for your blog. No prospering doctor or lawyer endlessly promotes themselves; referral business based on client and customer positive experiences builds their business. Ditto for every successful blogger.

Promote Your Positive Review Freely to Make More Money: Energetic Component

Promote happy client reviews, glowing eBook reviews, and loving course endorsements as freely as humanly possible. Monetize your blog intelligently by going to where you are loved.

Why does this work? Giving almost all of your attention and energy to love brings more love in the forms of:

  • money
  • loyal fans
  • clients
  • customers
  • blogging friends

into your life because where your attention and energy goes, things grow.

Simple, right?

We want to hear loyal readers, loving fans, and happy clients share their thoughts because it is easier to buy or hire when another human being kicked the tires. Generously promote endorsements on your blog. Promote 5-star reviews through guest posts. Monetize your blog without making the dumb mistakes; if people already bought your stuff and love what you do, let their glowing endorsements increase your blogging profits easily.

Be sure to promote people who love your stuff freely and easily.

Monetize your blog from a smart space.

And, please don’t do the blog monetization mistake that I did.

Share your testimonials with pride.

What did you learn from this blog post? 

Tell me in the comments below!


  1. Hi Ryan,

    This blog post reminded me of so many mistakes I did in blogging. But I’m happy that I kept on moving forward. And, it worked out really well.

    Great post. Keep them coming.

  2. Most mistakes I made during my first few months of blogging served as a life teacher to me.

    I was in the quest to make money by all means not trying to find a way to deliver a solution to people thereby making the best I can make.

    I learnt a lesson. Now, I’ve learnt ways that never work and ways that work online.

    Though am still learning, reading all blogging tips to enhance my skills and experience in blogging.

  3. Hello Ryan & Hassaan,

    There’s no concrete number out there for how much traffic or how large an email list should be to make money from your blog because that all depends on what you sell and how you sell it.

    Businesses are looking for people that can create content to fuel their marketing so who better to create that content than someone that has knowledge in that niche. Being a blogger takes a lot of commitment.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your wonderful experience with us and it will surely going to inspire people.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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