Can You Find the Best Topic to Write an Article?


Finding the best topic to write an article is hard. I have written thousands of blog posts over the last decade or so, but only a few hundred drove tens of thousands of visitors. So, how can you find the best topic to write an article?

Let’s dig deeper into this and I’ll share nuggets of wisdom with you. I’m going to share an actionable strategy with you that could help you find a dozen article ideas for the blog.

If you’re wondering why I’m even discussing this topic, then let explain this: bloggers and writers go through different challenges along the way. The reason is that many bloggers find it hard to come up with a great blog post idea or the best topic to write an article for their niche site.

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I came up with this blog post idea when I was struggling myself; the topic I wanted to write about wasn’t relevant at that point, so I decided to postpone it for a while. Therefore, I was stuck and looking for a blog post idea for the blog.

Then, I thought, wait for a second!

I always try to solve others’ problems through my blogging.

Now, this is a genuine problem that I’m facing right now.

What if I found a solution to this problem and share with others?

Boom. I got the idea!

I sat down to solve this problem so that I could share it with others. I got so excited because I found a topic to write about but I needed to find the solution first. After contemplating for half an hour, I came up with five ideas that always helped me.

Can You Find the Best Topic to Write an Article?

How Can You Find the Best Topic to Write an Article?

I mostly brainstorm for the best blog post ideas and keep a note on the phone specifically for noting down the blog post ideas, but this isn’t the only way to come up with article ideas. Here are my five best ways to find the best topic to write an article:

1. Twitter Search

Twitter is all about discussions; people don’t just come to Twitter to share their content. What they also do is that they talk about stuff they want to know or the problems they’re facing.

So I did a couple of searches according to my blog’s niche.

I searched on Twitter using the hashtags #BloggingProblems and #BloggingTips.

I stumbled upon so many tweets of bloggers who were talking about different issues. I realized that Twitter search is a great way of finding blog post ideas. Make sure you’re not picking up a topic you know nothing about because you can’t help everyone. So choosing the right hashtags would lead to finding the problems that you can solve for others.

2. Choosing a Unique Title

Once you’ve figured out the problem and you want to get started right away, hold on for a second. Head over to the Google search and type in the potential blog post title you want to pick.

What you might see next is a list of blog post titles similar to your blog post topic.

Isn’t it right?

I did exactly the same thing. In fact, I spent a good half an hour scrolling through the search results. What I wanted was that my blog post title should be relevant, unique, and attractive. Lucky for me, I did the search, otherwise, I would have ended up choosing a similar blog post title like dozens of other blogs out there.

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3. Go Through Your Inbox

If you’re somewhat like me who often reached out the blog readers and Facebook friends, chances are, you’d end up finding a comment or email or Facebook message with a query. People ask things all the time; if you’re a blogger, you can relate to this.

So go through your inbox and find the questions that people sent you earlier.

There is no better way of answering the questions than writing a blog post with the solution.

I once wrote a brief blog post on niche selection just because a blog subscriber asked me to in the blog comments.

It’s a great way to express gratitude, empathy, and kindness towards your readers.

Plus, you get to solve the issue of finding a good topic to write about.


4. Ask in a Facebook Group

If you’re not in the Facebook groups related to your blog niche, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities right away. The reason is that Facebook groups are communities of like-minded people, well most of them are.

So you get a chance to meet, connect, ask, and answer to people that are just like you.

I learned this the hard way that you can’t win at blogging alone. You have to have a community around you to talk, connect, and share your content with.

So when you go into such communities, you get to see a lot of discussions and questions being posted. It helps you understand what people are struggling with and what you can do to help them.

For instance, I once created a poll in my Facebook group asking about the biggest blogging challenges. And, that’s how people responded:

So I’d highly recommend creating and joining others’ communities online where you could connect with the audience who might be interested in your content.

5. Write Related Content to Your Popular Blog Posts

Go to your Google Analytics or whatever analytics tool you use and see the popular blog posts on your blog. You’d get an idea of which blog posts are getting more attention. Either write follow-up blog posts or create relevant content to attract the same audience.

What the attention on your popular blog posts tells is that your certain blog posts are doing well, and providing value to a specific audience out there – it means your keywords, titles, write-ups, and screenshots are working just fine on those blog posts.

Similarly, it also explains that you chose the right blog post topic back then. So what you need to do is create relevant content to amass more attention because you have spotted a segment of the audience that requires certain information and you could help them out.

How Do You Find the Best Article Topics?

Well, I came up with this article topic/idea when I was struggling to write a blog post.

Truth be told, I was so excited to share these tips with you because this is what I figured out for myself.

I’m sure you’re going to use these tips for finding the best article topics for your blog.

This isn’t something I just rambled on to fill up the page; I do believe in all these tips.

If you’re a blogger, you may also struggle with choosing the best article topics for your blog or niche site.

So I’m very much interested in knowing your process of find the article topics or ideas.

What do you do when you run out of blog post ideas?

Let me know in the comments below.