Blogging in 2020: Here’s What I Will Do

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If you’re thinking about starting blogging in 2020, or how you can get better at blogging in 2020, then you’re certainly not alone.

It’s good to reflect on the positives and negatives in the beginning or at the end of the year.

As I said, you aren’t alone who is thinking about blogging in 2020. I want to share what I have been planning on doing in 2020. The essence of blogging is to share what you learned and change lives with your content.

Speaking of sharing stuff, have you ever noticed that if the blogger doesn’t share value in a blog post, it doesn’t attract readers at all? I have been noticing this for the past few years.

It doesn’t matter how good you’re at finding keywords to target. If you aren’t delivering the value in the content, for what it’s worth, I don’t think such content makes any difference in readers’ lives.

I’m passionately preparing for blogging in 2020. Perhaps, when you stick to something you love, you learn new things along the way and polish your craft as well. Not only does it increase your chances for success, but it also gives you satisfaction.

Without any further ado, let me get to the point. So here are five things that I’ll do in my blogging in 2020:

1. Targeting Low-competition Niches

Most of the bloggers in “blogging tips” niche target blogging starters and try to sell website hosting and WordPress themes. You might have seen bloggers offering PDF freebies as in opt-in bribes to build email lists and engage the target audience.

So I won’t be targeting those niches because the competition would be fierce. Instead, I’d look out for the low-competition niches to target through my blogging. For instance, if I design ebook covers, I might offer book cover designing to non-fiction book writers only. It will make me focus on a specific low-competition niche.

2. Buying and Using Bloggers’ Products/Services

Relationships are key to blogging success, and there is no better way to build relationships than supporting your fellow bloggers. One of the things I have in mind is buying and using bloggers’ products. I have many blogger friends who write ebooks, develop WordPress plugins, sell courses and offer blogging services. So, off the top of my head, I could name a few:

Ryan Biddulph: ebooks and online courses
Henneke Duistermaat: ebooks and online courses
Donna Merrill: Private coaching (on Blogging)
Ali Luke: Online courses
Lisa Sicard: Blog Management Services
Moss Clement: Content Writing

You can check them out and try their products and services if you want to. I’ll be sharing more products and services of other pro-bloggers in the future.

3. Reviewing the Best Blogging Tools

One of the things on my checklist is reviewing the best blogging tools in 2020. I have had a chance to try out BackupBuddy and iThemes Security Pro in 2019, which were fantastic. Not only did they make my site security better, but they also helped in taking automatic backups.

A vital lesson about blogging success I learned is that paid blogging tools help you grow. Whether they’re keyword tools, site security plugins, or other software subscriptions. When we buy a tool or subscription to improve our blogging, it does seem expensive at times, but such investments fuel your blogging career growth.

So I’m very excited to test out new products and share my experience through writing reviews along the way.

4. Running Facebook Ads

Facebook ad is a popular marketing tool for generating leads, attracting visitors, and building brand positioning. I have a plan for running Facebook ads more often in 2020. Not only would I be promoting my articles through Facebook ads, but I’d also be making video ads to engage and attract the audience.

You might think that I’m an expert at running Facebook ads, let me clarify: I’m a rookie. I bought a course website subscription just to learn new skills and hone in on my skills. One of the skills I want to learn is how to run Facebook ads. So Skillshare is my go-to platform for learning new skills through online courses.

5. Adding Video Content to the Blog

I have been thinking about video content for quite some time, but couldn’t do it at scale. What I want to do is start uploading videos to my Facebook page and embed them into the blog. Not only will I be able to put out more content, but I could also improve my blog growth.

I’ve talked about video editing softwares in the past, so you might already know that I create video content in my native language Urdu on YouTube. All I need to do is come up with a plan to make short and precise (English) videos for the blog.

What would you do for Blogging in 2020?

I’m sure some of you would be very excited about blogging in 2020, but a few might not be very much interested in blogging as a career. One of the reasons why people get fed up with blogging is that they don’t earn a dime with blogging.

Let me tell you why this happens: they don’t make money from blogging because they join in just to make money.

If making money is your ultimate goal, then you become vulnerable, meaning, you could quit at some point. On the contrary, when you genuinely love doing something, you thrive no matter how difficult the path looks like.

I’m hoping that this blog post would give you a perspective on blogging success. I’ve shared what I’m going to do for my blogging career in 2020. Now let’s turn the table.

Tell me, what are your big plans for blogging in 2020?


  1. Hassaan thanks for the shoutout bro! Appreciate it. I will keep adding video to blog posts and also, I will use Twitter more for video. I get more pop over there, for some reason. Bigger following of course but my engagement is solid on the network. Smart steps to take in 2020.


    1. No worries.

      Same here; I’m very excited about the video content on the blog.
      I want to keep an eye on Instagram too. Besides IGTV, the 60-second video has the potential to turn things around.

      What do you think?

  2. Hi Hassaan,
    Your priorities for blogging in 2020 are worthwhile. For example, buying blogging courses is a fantastic way to improve your skills. Moreover, paying for content services is also a step to maintaining consistently which will result in building trust with your readers and prospectives.
    Ryan Biddulph and the other expects you mention have interesting courses that will greatly benefit you. Nonetheless, thanks a lot for the shout-out, and thank you for letting us know what you intend to do for your blogging business in 2020.

    1. Hello Moss,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your feedback. I’m fascinated by the power of collaboration through guest posting and commenting. What I genuinely believe is that if you don’t share “value” in your content, it doesn’t make much difference in readers’ lives. So I thought sharing my 2020 blogging plan would give others some value.

  3. Hi Hassaan,

    Thanks much for mentioning me as a blogging coach.

    Blogging in 2020 is very different than when I first started in 2010.

    It’s become far more interactive, and your inclination to include more video on your blogs is a big step forward!

    To do more English speaking video on your blog, let me suggest AI chatbots. They can translate Text to Voice and speak for you in the weird little bot voice, of course, but perfect English (or anything else you might want to program it for).

    Have a great and prosperous 2020, my friend 🙂


    1. Hi Donna,
      Great suggestion. Indeed, AI chatbots are gaining popularity. I noticed you have been trying it on your blog. I’ll be so pumped up to read a detailed blog post on using chatbots on the blogs.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Hi Hassaan, Congratulations to the goals you have set for yourself for 2020. I hope and pray that you will achieve all your goals in 2020. Without a doubt videos are better way to engage with audience. I feel videos will have bigger impact in 2020. I am very confident that 60 second video will work wonders. Key to becoming a successful blogger is to know which blogging tools to use for the job. There is no other way to understand the value of blogging tools other than reviewing them. You will be able to add more value to your audience for sure.

    1. Hi Sajan,

      Thanks so much. I’m going to pay attention to a 60-second video for sure.

      I’m glad you liked the blog post.

  5. Hassaan,

    Makes sense! If blogging is money-intentional, then it would fall short to gain real followers and shutdown so quick. Rather it aims to tract people, money flows in its ways.

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