What 2 Blogging Skills Are Overlooked?

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Let’s get down to it. Bloggers usually mess up both creating and connecting because not creating and not connecting are root causes of blogging failure. Both skills seem highly overlooked in a world of bloggers who just want to hack Google, earn their profits, and exit stage. I bet you that a few bloggers asked how to profit through Adsense, right, recently in your blogging circles? Per usual, an obsession with things – aka Adsense – causes bloggers to overlook the 2 core skills of becoming a successful blogger.

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In essence, this entire read is a summation of all creating and connecting skills you need to develop in order to become a pro blogger who circles the globe. I build all I do around creating and connecting and spend little time doing anything else.

Why Overlooked?

I love bloggers but know most want something for nothing. Most bloggers want the easy way out. Why bother with learning how to create helpful content? Why mess around with learning how to build strong bonds with top bloggers? There has to be a hack, some quick, easy way to succeed in blogging, right?


I can only imagine how many stranger-danger bloggers pitched Hassaan guest posts over the years. Do you know how I landed this guest posting gig on his rocking blog? He invited me to guest post here. Why? I created and connected generously, bonding with him, befriending him by promoting his blog and by commenting genuinely on his blog.

Do you know how many bloggers blindly cold pitch top bloggers today for 5, 8 or 12 hours daily? Do you know how many cold pitches result in a guest post placement on a top blog? Not many at all. Yet here I am, getting invited to guest post on hundreds of blogs, all because I created helpful content and connected with pro bloggers patiently, persistently and generously, over the years.

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Stop Looking Past the Basics

All blogging struggle occurs because you look past the basics of creating helpful content and building strong friendships with top bloggers. Cut that out. Stop looking past the basics. Blogging becomes easier if you develop creating and connecting skills because prolific bloggers with large, loyal friend networks drive steady traffic and profits through their blogs.

Unskilled creators and connectors find themselves on the outside looking in, cold pitching bloggers all day via email, rarely if ever getting guest post placement on respected blogs.

I just went back and forth with someone asking to place guest posts on my blog. He seemed a skilled enough writer but he is a stranger so I charge him the going guest post rate. Friends? Friends guest posts on my blog for free. Do you see how developing the skills of being prolifically creative and deeply connected benefit you?

Create and Connect

I suggest you create 1 or more pieces of content daily through some channels like posting to your blog, guest posting, podcasting, broadcasting live on Facebook or perhaps uploading a video to YouTube. Develop the skill of being creative by creating content on the regular.

Get connected by commenting genuinely on top blogs in your niche. Promote fellow bloggers through your blog and through social media. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing, save building friendships with powerful bloggers.

Over time, your creations and connections multiply into something special, but only after you hone and own these most critical blogging skills over years of generous effort.

Remember to lose desperate, greedy, short cut seekers from your blogging circles. Let go people who overlook creating and connecting in lieu of seeking quick blogging bucks. We have no time for short cut fools because said desperate folks leech our energies, sapping our strength, creating a poor, failure-promoting influence on us.

Surround yourself with creative, connected bloggers. Learn from the best how to develop these most vital blogging skills which precede your blogging success.


  1. Ryan,

    Distinct post as usual. These 2C’s are ultimate. Without creating or connecting, absolutely blogging makes no sense. Anyone can’t their blogging further.


  2. Ryan,

    I know how good you are at both creating contents & getting connected. It never comes easy to build credibility among the readers. And, I understand every piece of content that we produce is yet another opportunity to connect with people. You have witnessed, Ryan. Thanks!

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