Can I Make Money Without Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing isn’t easy, especially if you’re starting out, but don’t worry because you can make money without affiliate marketing. Most bloggers and affiliate marketers fail to make money from affiliate marketing and lookout for the best alternatives to affiliate marketing.

When I started focusing on affiliate marketing back in 2018-19, I wasn’t making consistent affiliate sales, but I kept on moving forward. I was well-aware that I have been making money from freelancing since 2015.

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The last time I used affiliate marketing was 2012-13. So I had to brush-up my affiliate marketing skills. Therefore, I decided to get back to affiliate marketing. Now, things started to get rolling in 2020.

Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with the affiliate sales screenshots perhaps because you may already be upset and demotivated with your affiliate marketing outcome. So further demoralizing thing would be the last thing on my mind.

What I’d do instead is that I’ll share some affiliate marketing alternatives for all of you who aren’t making money with affiliate marketing. Therefore, you’d be able to make money online without affiliate marketing.

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I don’t recommend quitting affiliate marketing. I’ve seen bloggers who join the Amazon Associates program and work for a few months and start looking for Amazon Associates alternatives. Guys, it takes time for strategies to work out. It’s not just affiliate marketing; pick any blog monetization strategy, you’ll see that it takes time before you start to make money. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Find the right niche with low competition

Step 2: Hunt down the suitable monetization strategy

Step 3: Create content that gets ranked on Google

Step 4: Optimize the site for users and search engines

One thing you must know that money making from a site doesn’t happen on a whim. The sooner you understand this, the better.

Why don’t you learn affiliate marketing while you’re trying out other monetization methods?

What I mean is that you can make money with some alternative monetization methods and learn affiliate marketing on the side. I’ve taken so many courses online on Skillshare. By the way, you could get two months of subscription for free if you’re new to Skillshare. Try this now.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best passive income strategies. So don’t just give up on that so quickly.

affiliate marketing alternatives to make money without affiliate marketing

Without any further ado, let’s get to the main part of this blog post.

6 Ways to Make Money Without Affiliate Marketing

1. Use BuySellAds

BuySellAds is an advertising platform that connects publishers and advertisers for advertising campaigns and offers solutions such as sponsored posts, display ads, email ads, podcast ads, and native ads. It began as an ad network that used to connect publishers and advertisers for banner ads selling. Now, it has diversified into a whole different advertising model.

2. Sell Banner Ads

If you don’t get approved at BuySellAds or somehow don’t succeed in attracting advertisers on such a network, then it’s no biggie. You can sell banner ads yourself instead. What you might want to do is pick the right banner ad tools and integrate the payment system, and voila. I haven’t tested banner ad tools but heard a lot about Adning Advertising and Ads Pro Plugin.

3. Flip Domains

You might not be interested in investing money into registering domains, but people out there make a lot of money by flipping domains. What they do is that they register domain names that might be looking for, and then pay to push those domains to the marketplaces to sell and make a profit. You can flip domains on Namecheap, Flippa, and GoDaddy.

4. Write Ebooks

Ebooks are one of the most underrated ways to make money online. It’s easier than you think. Do you know a lot of bloggers take a bunch of their blog posts and convert them into ebooks? Darren Rowse and many others have successfully done this. Sure, you may need to tweak some of the content pieces and go through them to set the chapters hierarchy, but it’s certainly do-able. So instead of quitting blogging just because affiliate marketing isn’t working for you, go ahead with writing ebooks. You can sell your ebooks using FastSpring, Selz, or Gumroad.

5. Create Courses

Creating courses may seem a little scary for you, especially if you haven’t faced a camera yet. Even though I haven’t created a course yet, but I’m in the middle of doing something about it. I have been figuring out stuff before I go deep into course creation. I learned that one must do courses in the native language as well as choose the right platform to get started. Try out Thinkific, WP Courses LMS, or LearnPress.

6. Offer a Service

It may look impossible on the outside, but you can pull this off. If I could do it, then anyone can do it. All you need is to figure out what you want to sell online. There are dozens of options you can choose from. If you’re having a hard time figuring out your strength, read my latest ebook on side hustling. If you want to know how I use my blog to sell my service, then read this ebook of mine. I explained how I started getting clients through my blog. What you should understand is that you can use your blog to help the audience through your content and offer your service through your blog.

Are You Ready to Make Money Without Affiliate Marketing?

I know for sure that you can make money without affiliate marketing. The reason is that I was able to pull this off, which is why I know you can do this too.

Do you know when I started freelance writing, I struggled to get regular clients for the first three years. Then, things changed. In fact, I stopped monetizing my blog through Google AdSense, and at one point, I had to remove a “hire me” CTA because of the prospective customers’ inquires.

The point is that I know how it works, which is why I sat down to share some value with you.

I shared six money-making strategies that any blogger or online marketer can try out to make money without affiliate marketing.  

I’m very interested in what you pick from the above-mentioned affiliate marketing alternative methods to make money.

Let me know which one of these money-making strategies resonates with you. See you in the comments below.