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6 Popular Grammar and Spell Checking Tools

If you’re a blogger, author, or editor, you’d know some of the popular grammar and spell checking tools. I thought to write a blog post covering some of the top grammar checking tools that bloggers and writers use for checking grammatical errors and spelling mistakes


Power Link Building: Why Some Links Matter More

Power link building, hm … what is it exactly? It’s getting links that matter the most, that help the most. It’s acquiring links where, if you get just one, it counts as if you’ve got a hundred


Part-time Blogging: How to Blog Part-time and Make Extra Money

Have you ever thought about part-time blogging and making extra money? I asked this question because a lot of people ask me about making extra money online. So instead of giving my answer individually, I thought I’d write a blog post telling how to blog part-time and make money


Need a Blog Post Idea? Here’s What You Should Do

Have you ever come across a situation where you’re unable to figure out a blog post idea? Bloggers and writers go through different challenges along the way


How to Write a 1000-word Blog Post in Minutes

It might seem scary to a lot of bloggers if you ask them to come up with a 1000-word blog post in no time. Of course, it gets easier if they’re interested in the topic, but the majority of them would ponder for a while


How I Control Spam Comments on My WordPress Blog

Have you had any problems with spam comments? Sometimes, controlling the spam on a WordPress blog seems like a nightmare. Everything was fine until a few weeks ago when my security plugin got updated


How to Start a Blogging Career (with No Experience)

Do you want to start a blogging career but don’t know where to get started? People message me on Facebook and visit my office to talk about working online and especially how they can start off blogging to make money online


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