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How to Send Convincing Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

“Abandoned carts” are no exception to any eCommerce store owner. It builds up and then breaks down your expectations. Furthermore, in places where e-shopping carts are being used, cart abandonments most likely happen


How to Write Attractive Email Subject Lines (in 4 Steps)

Do you think you can’t write attractive email subject lines? A few years ago, I believed the same, but I’ve got better now. Did I take a course on email marketing or something


How I Built a New Email List of 100 Subscribers

I decided to test the optin bribe strategy on my personal blog in 2016. I had not done anything even remotely close to that. But I didn’t back off. In fact, I tried it. Despite having a regular email list, I went on to build a new one. It was rather a test fire


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