Choosing the Blog Post Topic: A Personal Strategy

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Choose the blog post topic - how to do it

Choosing a blog post topic could be jarring at times, especially when you’re forcing yourself to write something and ideas aren’t popping up.

My usual methodology of choosing blog posts topics to write is pretty much like an average blogger. I make a list of topics to write about and set the publishing calendar accordingly. What it means is that I know what blog posts are going live in the month and what the publishing dates would be.

But writing a blog post isn’t always easy.

Have you ever stared at your laptop for an hour without writing a word?

I did.

Then I realized that maybe there is a solution to this.

Within a few minutes, I figured it out.

Then I thought: If I face this problem, the chances are, others are facing as well.

Listen up: Please don’t consider this expert advice. I’m just a student of blogging who has been learning it since 2008. It may not be the best advice or solution. So, you can ignore this blog post if you want to.

Let’s get to the cream of this.

The question is that if I create my blog post titles that I believe are perfect for my blog, then why I struggle at times when I sit down to write.

Finally, I found the answer.

Here it is:

Ignore what you should write and choose what you want to write

Explanation: What You Should Write versus Choose What You Want to Write

The whole problem lies in the tug of war of what you should write and choose what you want to write.

When we have a blog post to write according to our schedule. We sit down to write, and nothing happens.

The reason is that we aren’t meant to write on that topic at that time.

Instead, if you choose what you want to write at that time, you might end up writing a useful and helpful blog post for your audience.

I can tell you from my personal experience that if I choose a blog post topic because I want to write about it, I get excited to finish it up and save it to publish later on. I have seen that when I choose what I want to write, I don’t go off the rails while writing it. Eventually, I end up writing a comprehensive blog post.

I learned that forcing myself to write about something I’m not feeling in the moment always makes the whole experience boring. And I don’t get to write an appealing blog post, after all.

Let’s wrap up

The purpose of this blog post is to tell you that the blog post topic must be enticing.

Go through your already chosen topics or ask yourself what you want to write in this moment of time.

Whatever stimulates you while you’re sitting on the desk or driving back home, choose that blog post topic to write on.

Whenever you want to write a blog post, don’t pick a next-in-line topic just because that comes next.

I skipped past two blog posts and chose this blog post topic because I wanted to talk about this topic.

What would you do while choosing the next blog post topic?

Let’s talk in the comments section because the best insights come from my small community of readers and subscribers.

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