How to Stop SPAM Comments on Your WordPress Blog

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Have you had any problems with spam comments? Sometimes, stopping the spam comments on a WordPress blog seems like a nightmare. So I want to share how I stop spam comments on my site.

Everything was fine until a few weeks ago when my security plugin got updated. I update the plugins every few months when the WordPress CMS notifies me to update the certain plugins.

So I updated the plugins, and my security plugin turned out to be a very ineffective free version. Apparently, the developer rolled out an update, and to push users to buy the paid version, they ruined the free edition of the plugin.

spam comments in WP

The interesting thing is that the plugin stopped working because of the updated features. I had blocked a dozen IPs that were continuously spamming on my blog, and I freaked out when those spam comments start to come again.

WP Spam comments problem

I immediately removed that plugin and found another one. Now, everything is under control.

So I’ll be sharing my experience of coping with the spam comments. You’d find this blog post useful because, at some stage, we all come across this spam comments situation. Here are a few steps that I took to control the spam comments on my WordPress blog:

Stop SPAM Comments on Your WordPress Blog

I installed Akismet Anti-spam

I didn’t believe that I wasn’t using the Akismet plugin. Perhaps the previous security plugin did very well with the spam protection that I didn’t realize that I don’t have any anti-spam plugin installed.

anti-spam wp plugin

Anyways, Akismet does work very well. I have recently installed it. If you’re wondering how I know that it works great, then let me tell you that I have been using this on my other blogs for years.

I replaced my security plugin

As I have explained that the previous security plugin became useless for me. So I had to remove that and install a new one. Thanks to All In One WP Security & Firewall, I was back on track after installing that plugin. I didn’t realize that I have removed or replaced an important security plugin from my blog. This plugin has been good so far.

WP plugin for security

I turned off comments on a specific blog post

If you have a hard time managing the spam comments on a specific blog post, I propose you install the Cleantalk anti-spam plugin. It’s a premium tool, but dirt cheap costing only $8/yr. Alternatively, if you don’t want to invest, just go to your posts section, and move the cursor to the blog post title, and click on the “Quick Edit” option. You’ll find the checkboxes. Simply uncheck the comments to turn them off. It’ll stop commenting on that specific blog post.

disable comments in WP

It’s better to get rid of comments on a specific blog post rather than disabling the comments on the entire blog. Some bloggers get upset with the spam comments and turn off the comments on their blogs. I believe that comments are important. It brings in attention, exposure, and discussion.

Your Turn

So I explained a few things that I recently did to control the spam comments on my blog.

If you have had such an experience on your blog, please share it with us in the comments section.

I’d also appreciate any WordPress-related questions, for instance, what’s the fastest WordPress theme for a blog?

The reason is that when bloggers and readers interact, not only they build a relationship, but they also learn a thing or two from each other. So I’ll be glad to learn something from you all.

What do you do to control spam comments on your blog?


  1. Hi Hassaan

    yeah, Spams are the worst, I also use Akismat and manually remove spams. They are the worst, rather than having a meaningful conversation they go about spamming their links.
    Great tutorials. I also sometimes disable comments from the posts page. It is a quite handy trick.

  2. Good to see your another blog!

    I recently thought to sharpen my web developments skills and set up my blog.
    Still learning and I plan to manage my blog by myself.

    I installed Akismet last week to manage spam comments. I guess Akismet is the oldest and the best plugin to spam comments.

    I am not sure how bloggers manage multi websites from content creation to designing, all by themselves.

    I am still stuck in the designing phase but trying my level to make it work.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by.

      You must decide what you want to do with your website. Do you want to get hired by digital marketing clients or web design clients?

      Maybe it would set your direction a little and ease-up the process. Clarity always helps.

      Make sure to subscribe to this blog for the latest blog posts.


      1. Nope. I created just to help out desi people who are interested in Digital marketing or online earning.

        You will see a lot of great content in upcoming days. And by the way, thank you for the podcast idea!

  3. Good idea on getting rid of comments on specific posts Hassaan. People seem to spam specific posts gaining Google traffic or traction along some network. Close comments on that read and a decent chunk of folks disappear. Smart tips.

    1. Exactly.
      In fact, you must notice that autoposters (spam softwares) also pick high-traffic blog posts to leave comments.

      Hey, I left a comment on your latest guest post on this blog.

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