The disclosure states some of the key elements which are essential to convey to the readership, visitors, and the subscribers of this blog. The is a blog that is intended to publish helpful, informative, and educational content of blogging tips and relevant topics whatsoever. This disclosure clarifies some of the imperatives that the readership of this blog must know before reading, understanding, and taking any decision after reading the content.

The Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of this blog is to help guide the audience that is looking to learn blogging skills, improving their content writing, and getting better at money making online. I, Hassaan Khan, consider myself a student of blogging. The idea is to share the thoughts, views, and analysis based on my past experiences. Although, the chances are a lot of things on this blog would help newbie bloggers and professional bloggers who genuinely work hard in blogging. But, I don’t guarantee that every reader or visitor of this blog would make money off of blogging. We would try to encourage learning, testing, and tweaking along the way. You must not make your career or blogging decisions based on our ideas/suggestions whatsoever. Consider doing your research before taking any action based on the content of this blog.

Promotion and Endorsement

I’m open to working with a select number of brands along the way. However, I believe in the full disclosure and transparency. I may use multiple monetization strategies in the future. It includes but not limited to Google Adsense or any other PPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Ads, Brand Content, Sponsored Posts.

The monetization is a small chunk of the whole blog. The rest of the process includes the creation of the useful content, content distribution, PR and networking, and guest posting. The reason for sharing is that I want to be transparent. I would promote some products on the market. I recommend researching before making your purchase decisions whatsoever. My recommendations could be wrong at times. I have had some unpleasant experiences with the web hosting companies. It’s normal and a part of the process. So I will not be responsible for any product or service whatsoever.

Guest Posting

I might accept guest posts on my blog. The reason is that guest posting is one of the finest and standard growth strategies used by probloggers, content marketers, and even the brands. However, I may not be able to accommodate every guest author. I would highly recommend every guest author to read the guest posting guidelines before consider writing the guest post for this blog. The guest posts, however, will not be considered the official point of view and the guest author will solely responsible for the message/ideas/suggestions written in the guest post. I would request every guest author who would contribute to this blog to come up with the useful, educational, and problem-solving content. If the guest authors link to the resources, the purpose of such linking must be to help the readers.

Privacy Policy

This blog has a tracking system installed to understand the audience behavior. It doesn’t spy on the visitors. It tracks the total visitors, top keywords, referral websites, and popular pages. I’ll be using the standard online tools such Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Extreme Tracking. These are the common and popular statistics tools.  I neither sell the email addresses nor planning on doing that. Your email address will be safe when you subscribe to my blog or newsletter.