Filmora X vs. Movavi Video Editor 21: Which is Better?


If you have been planning on getting started with video editing and want to get your hands on an affordable video editor, then you’re in luck. Not only would you find out what video editor I use, but you’d also learn which one is better among Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor. 

You should know that I have used both Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor 21, so writing a head-to-head comparison is fun. Stick around, and you’ll find out which one of these video editing softwares is better than the other.

I bought the Filmora license in 2017, and ever since, it has been my go-to video editing software for editing YouTube videos, IGTV videos, and YouTube shorts. As far as the Movavi Video Editor is concerned, I got this software about six weeks ago. And so far, I’m having fun with Movavi Video Editor.

Disclaimer: I’m a satisfied user and an affiliate to both these video editing softwares. It means if you purchase through my link, I will get a small commission, but it won’t cost you any extra money. For more details, read the disclosure page.

However, I can also draw a clear distinction between both these video editing softwares that would help you choose the right one for you. I’ll share some key elements of both video editors to help guide you. It’s tough to select the video editor when you’re new to video editing.

The worst part of getting started with video editing is that you’re scared of the video editing software’s dashboard because it seems like you have a million options to play around.

You’re about to learn:

  • The fundamentals of both Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor
  • The key differences between Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor
  • The type of video editing you can do on both these softwares
  • Which one of these video editors I use the most

So without any further ado, let’s get to the comparison of Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor.

Filmora X vs. Movavi Video Editor 21: Which is Better?

Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor 21: Features Comparison

Keep in mind that I’m just a user, not an editing or software development expert. I’ll be sharing what difference I noticed after editing loads of videos on both softwares. Here are some key elements of both Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor that you should know to make an informed decision.

Filmora XMovavi Video Editor 21
Filmora X is a fantastic video editor for beginner video makers and YouTubers.Movavi Video Editor 21 is an easy-to-use video editor for beginners.
You must have an internet connection to use the Filmora X software. The user doesn’t need an internet connection to edit videos on Movavi Video Editor 21.
It has a render preview feature, which makes previewing easier during editing.It doesn’t have a render preview feature like most video editors.
The user can enable the hardware acceleration for optimizing the software speed.The user can enable the hardware acceleration for using the computer’s resources while editing.
This video editor allows you to generate a cached version for an improved timeline experience.It also has an HD Clips Optimize feature in the Acceleration tab for generating a cached version.
The user can change the playback quality for smooth playback.It doesn’t have an option for changing the playback quality while editing.
It has pretty good color grading and correction features.The color grading and correction features are limited.
You can do voiceovers and screen recordings with Filmora X.You have to use different modules of Movavi Video Suite 21 for voice and screen recording.
The ability to add multiple audio and video layers makes it easier for professional editors to edit high-end videos.The video editor can add multiple layers to the timeline.
It’s an affordable video editor for YouTube beginners, marketers, and bloggers.Movavi Video Editor 21 is more affordable than Filmora X, which might be good news for first-timers.

Should You Buy Filmora X or Movavi Video Editor 21?

You’ve gone through some of the features of both Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor 21 video editors. Now before clicking-through and trying one of these video editing softwares, there are a few first-hand experiences that I can share, and they are surely worth knowing.

Graphics Card

You got to have a graphics card installed on your PC or laptop. Otherwise, it’ll be difficult to edit Full-HD videos on Filmora X. However, you can optimize your Filmora X timeline for smooth playback during video editing. I have managed to edit Full-HD videos on Filmora X by optimizing the timeline on an i7 Dell laptop without a graphics card. However, I’d suggest buying a graphics card equipped machine if you’re getting into video editing.

I have edited a few Full-HD videos using the Movavi Video Editor on the same laptop, but those were simple edits. I haven’t had a chance to test out a bunch of effects, filters, and transitions during the video editing. It turns out that the Movavi Video Editor did quite well on a non-graphics card machine but keep in mind, those were simple edits.

Editing on the Go

If you like to edit during the commute, then pay close attention to this point. Filmora requires an internet connection to run; it is one of the things I don’t like in Filmora software. If you have a 4G internet device on you or the WiFi on the train, you’ll be fine. Otherwise, you might not be able to edit videos on the go.

On the other hand, I edited a complete video on Movavi Video Editor with the WiFi turned off and exported it just to see whether or not it works without the internet. I’m happy to report that it worked just fine. So now I know if I have to edit a video on the go, especially when I don’t have internet access, I can use the Movavi Video Editor to edit the video.

Filmora X is an excellent beginner-level video editor. It’s a perfect video editing software for YouTubers, vloggers, and small businesses. Download the trial!

4K Footage Capability

I once included a short 4K clip in a video while reviewing a camera and it was a nightmare. Perhaps, the lack of a graphics card was the issue, but I don’t think Filmora X is the appropriate software for editing 4K videos.

I don’t think the Movavi Video Editor would be able to handle 4K footage either. If you’re thinking to edit 4K videos, you should know that 1920x1080p is the most popular video resolution for online videos. If you want to do it anyway, I’d highly recommend getting a computer with a graphics card and then try editing 4K footage on any of these softwares.

Windows and Mac versions only

One of the cons of these softwares is that they only have Windows and Mac versions. I was gutted to find out that they don’t have an Ubuntu edition just yet. A lot of softwares have versions for all three major operating systems. So fingers crossed for the Ubuntu version of Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor.

Elements, Effects, Filters, and Transitions

Since Wondershare has made Filmora X a lot better, I must give this point to Filmora X. They’ve added so many new elements, filters, effects, and transitions that make this video editor a whole lot better. I have been using Filmora since 2017, and it was quite different back then.

The Movavi Video Editor has a handful of elements, effects, and transitions, but those are mundane and average. I hope they’d revamp these items along the way. I don’t think I’d ever use any of these features in Movavi Video Editor.

Filmora X vs. Movavi Video Editor 21: Which is Better?

I have mentioned loads of feature comparisons and pinpointed key elements based on my experience, and now I’d like to give you a straight-forward answer.

I’d prefer Filmora X for most of my video edits, especially when I’m at home or at work. Since Filmora X has got so much better, so it’ll be easier for me to continue using Filmora X until I buy a Macbook Pro.

Filmora XMovavi Video Editor 21DaVinci Resolve

It doesn’t mean I’d get rid of the Movavi Video Editor 21 right away. I want to keep this software on the computer; it’s lightweight, easy-to-use, and affordable. Furthermore, it doesn’t require an internet connection to run, so I might as well use this video editor when I’m traveling or I don’t internet access. 

I’d be thrilled to know what video editor you would choose between Filmora X and Movavi Video Editor.

I’ve talked about Filmora vs. DaVinci Resolve in the past. Some of you might want to get started with DaVinci Resolve or Premiere Pro, which is fine. Keep in mind that those are professional editing softwares, and they’d essentially require high-end computers to run.

Let’s talk about the Filmora X and the Movavi Video Editor instead.

Which one of these video editing softwares would you try out?