How to Write Your First Blog Post on Your Blog

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first blog post guide

Writing the first blog post is always exciting. You think to get it done as quickly as possible so that you hit the publish button. But, do you know why this specific blog post is the first blog post of my blog?

The reason is that your first blog post sets the tone of your blog. More importantly, you got to have a plan from the day 1.

Do you know how this idea came to my mind?

A YouTube subscriber reached out to me for a guest post on my other blog. He hasn’t done that before, in fact, he never published a blog post in his life. I downloaded the file; read it; replied back explaining what needs to be done in that blog post.

It gave me an idea to help guide every first-timer who is just going to write his or her first-ever blog post.

Are you the one who is going to write the first-ever blog post?

If yes, then keep reading…

It may look scary when you open your laptop to write it for the first time.

What even scares me more is that if you step on the wrong foot; you won’t even realize that.

But, it’s going to be okay now.

Because I’m going to reveal the simplest solution to this problem.

Later on, I’ll go further and tell you the step-by-step process of writing the first blog post.

Take a look at the 3 Ws of writing the first blog post:

1. Who are you writing the blog post for?

Think about it. Who should be your ideal readers? You have figured out your blog niche. Is that topic the right one for your niche? In fact, if it is right for your niche, does it matter to your prospective audience? Would they even care about this topic? Writing pointlessly won’t be an ideal strategy to go with. Instead, brainstorm a little bit on the target audience and then move forward with your blog post writing.

2. Why are you writing this?

Do you know something unique about your topic? Are you passionate about this? Have you done some research on it? How long have you been following the niche? Just try to find these answers, and it will help you figure out whether or not you should go with a specific topic as your first blog post.

3. What are you going to write?

What is the inside message of your blog post?  Just think about the core value. Once you have a clear picture in your mind before starting off, you won’t get distracted along the way.

Here are my 4 steps of writing the first blog post:

Step #1: Choose the topic you know about

Let’s get to the chase. I want you to write the best one as your first blog post. So get off the couch and think about the topic you quite familiar with in your niche—something you’re really good at—because down the road, the blog post must be helping the readers.

If the content isn’t helpful, no one is going care about it. You can’t write on the topic you’re not good at. In fact, if you don’t know much about the topic, you’ll start to babble at the beginning of the blog post, and some of the readers might slip away.

So, choose the topic you passionately care about and want to deliver something instead.

Load up your blog post with relevant examples, add references to back up your point, and include subheadings to make things easier for the readership to digest the message. You will get to do all that stuff if you know what you’re talking about.

Step #2: Write with an authoritative voice

When the step one goes well, the chances are, you might win at number two as well. At step 02, you have to have some authority in your voice. Meaning, you can’t show up and talk about something you aren’t certain about. Although, when you have following and subscribers base, you can open up a little and talk about the predictions and people might respect that because you have done a lot in the past regarding building credibility and helping out the readers.

But, we’re talking about the first blog post, meaning the new blog.

So, consider writing on the topics you know about.

For instance, you can share your past experience or review on some product that you have done experiments with. You can only write with an authoritative voice if you know what you’re talking about.

Step #3: Simplify the message

To make your first blog post successful, not only does it need to be relevant to your niche, but it should also be narrated in a way that it looks helpful.

You’re starting off, you need people to listen to you. So, be kind and helpful.

Don’t be sassy because you know something. Remember you need ATTENTION of your readers. If they listen to you and take your advice, then you win. To make that happen, all you should focus on humility and generosity.

After I read the book ‘Give and Take‘ by Adam Grant. My way of doing business and dealing with the clients totally changed. I literally realized what giving is. It impacted massively in my content creation as well.

So, I implore you to try simplicity, whether it’s writing your blog posts or picking up the problems. Always try to explain things simply. I’ve had a bad experience with emphasizing on massive vocabulary and undermining the message.

Now, I have learned that one shouldn’t be confusing people, but rather try to convey the message in the best way possible.

Step #4: Provide content full of solutions

At step 04, make sure your blog post does the job when it comes to providing the real answer. If it doesn’t have the solution in it, it won’t create an impact in the long run.

Let me explain this.

Imagine, a reader finishes up reading your blog post. What if the reader still stands right there, where he or she was standing before reading the blog post. Meaning, it doesn’t make any difference, then forget the impact. Subscribers literally unsubscribe if they don’t see value coming their way.

Of course, once you develop a loyal reader base, they will be more considerate and modest toward your blog. They would understand that every blog post is different and not every blog post is written for everybody.

As far as the first blog post is concerned, it is likely to appear in front of the new audience.

Be ready. Provide the content full of value.


Writing the first blog post isn’t scary.

Although the more you get into blogging, the more massive this responsibility becomes.

Because people start to expect something good from you.

I wanted to share my feeling on writing the first blog post.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t take off well.

I’m okay with that.

All I want is that you must give your 100%.

If you have made it to this point, it means you haven’t skipped any part of the blog post.

Let me share a secret with you: Like every blog post, I took many breaks during this write up. Moreover, it would be ready-to-publish in next two days. It’s just a process of posting a blog post. I give 100% to the stuff I do.

Is there anything you want to add regarding publishing the first blog post?

Let’s talk in the comments below.

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