FlexClip Review: Best Online Video Making Tool?


Are you struggling with boosting your business sales? Visuals and videos play a pivotal role in increasing your sales and providing the audience valuable insights about your brand.

Social media is a powerful tool that most brands use to market their products. However, the burning question is that how do you create engagement and visibility.

We think there are two main ways to tackle it; being consistent and putting out quality content. If you are a small brand, investing in professional video editing software might not be your top priority.

FlexClip is a unique online video editor through which you can produce high-quality and professional-looking videos. Let’s dive right into the article and see how FlexClip can add value to your business.

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What is FlexClip?

FlexClip is an online video editor to help you produce high-quality professional videos. It is easy to use, and an individual does not require any skills to use the editor.

You can create informational and fun videos with FlexClip using the already available templates. It also has a media option to upload your brand’s images, logos, and visuals to add to your videos.

Let me put it this way: it’s a fantastic video editing tool that lets you create online marketing videos for social media within minutes.

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FlexClip Features

Here are some of the best features of Flexclip:

GIF and meme generator

We all see loads of engagement in funny memes on social media. You can use GIF or meme generator on FlexClip to generate memes to attract and

engage the audience.

Editing tools

FlexClip has a variety of editing tools such as trim, merge and convert video options. You can add smooth transitions to make your video look more professional. The website allows you to compress videos to upload on various social media. You can also add background music to add emotions to your video.


If you are new to editing and making a professional video from scratch, then you will love the FlexClip template selection. You can personalize the template, add a different background, and change the text in simple steps.

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What kinds of videos can you make with FlexClip?

If you think that FlexClip only allows you to make informational and how-to videos, you are mistaken. It is a versatile video editor through which you can create multiple types of videos. You can use your creativity to convert the already existing templates into new and exciting videos. Here are a few kinds of videos you can make:

Step-by-step guide videos

If you are a mentor or a teacher, you can easily use FlexClip to make short yet informative videos on specific topics. There are multiple templates available on the video editor to customize according to your topic. It has video templates on how to build marketing strategies, enhance leadership skills, etc. The templates are easily customizable; hence you can convert them and add stuff you like.

Advertisement videos

Every brand is looking to gain visibility and an authentic audience that engages with them. Social media acts as an excellent platform for brands to market their product and bring the attention of the masses towards them. However, you cannot sustain customer or engagement until you have compelling content on your brand page. FlexClip allows you to create professional videos using attractive themes and images. Hence, make the most of the video editor to enhance your brand visibility.

YouTube tutorials

How-to videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube as they are short and to the point. If you want to establish your career as a YouTuber, but you don’t have video editing software just yet. Try FlexClip as it is an excellent alternative to any video tool for creating SlideShare and presentational videos.

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How to make videos through FlexClip

There is no rocket science behind making videos using FlexClip. It is an easy software with multiple free tutorials to help you get the hang of the video editor. There are four main steps to making videos using FlexClip, which are as follows:

1. Upload brand/personal material through media

Every brand has different materials, guidelines, and creatives that they use to market themselves. You can upload images to the FlexClip video editor through the media option. Once you have the material ready, you can use it in the videos and customize templates according to your brand theme or choice.

2. Choose a template

There are multiple templates available to choose from that you can customize according to your needs. You can easily switch the background, change text and add smooth transitions.

3. Cut, trim and compress video

After selecting the template and making necessary changes, you can trim the video, add a gradient, make images transparent, add transitions and animations to make the video look professional.

4. Save and download

After you are satisfied with the video, you can compress the video, save the changes and download it. The video is supported by YouTube, Google, UpSplash, StoryBlocks, Dropbox, and Microsoft.

Why is making videos through FlexClip beneficial?

There are many reasons why FlexClip proves to be beneficial, but we will mention a few. Here you go:

Boosts revenue

FlexClip allows a brand or a person to make compelling videos for their social media. If you are a small brand, it can help increase your audience or followers as everyone likes to watch quality content. Compelling videos have a direct impact on buying behavior, and it influences people to buy.

Enhance Engagement

Even if you are not a brand but a blogger or social media influencer, short videos can help you boost your engagement. People like to watch content more than read content these days. Hence, you can make most of the latest trends using FlexClip.

Fits the social media algorithm

Various social media platforms have different algorithms, but videos are a proven means to increase engagement and make your profile more visible. You can make a short video and share it on various platforms to grow your following.

Should You Use FlexClip?

FlexClip is a great online video editor to make short and compelling videos. It is an excellent resource for social media influencers, bloggers, and small businesses to enhance their visibility.

Brands and small businesses can start boosting social media following and engagement by putting out video content on YouTube and Facebook. Might I suggest giving our ContentStudio review a read? It will help you figure out social media management along the way.

Since it’s not a video editor, so you can’t rate it good or bad for video editing. However, Flexclip could be an excellent tool in your content creation arsenal.

Therefore, I’d recommend trying out FlexClip before you completely overlook its potential and benefits.