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Get Paid for Downloads on a Photo Blog [A Niche Site Idea]

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Are you wondering how to get paid for downloads? There are so many sites out there that pay per download. However, this blog post isn’t about the list of such websites that pay for downloads, but instead, I’ll share a strategy of how you can start a niche site based on pay per download monetization strategy.

The idea is to set up a photos blog where you could attract visitors who are interested in the certain photos that you’re putting up for download. You could make money by uploading your photos to a file-sharing website and providing the download links on the photo blog.

To make this niche site idea work, you’d have to do three things:

  1. Get a bunch of original photos
  2. Upload photos to a file-sharing site
  3. Optimize your content to bring in the visitors

I haven’t tried this niche site idea yet, but I might try it in the future. It’ll be better off to share it with others instead of keeping it to myself.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in the blog post could be affiliate links, which means we’d earn commissions if you buy the products, but it won’t cost you any extra money. Please read the disclosure page for more details.

Gary Vaynerchuk often says that he shares his success secrets because 99% of the audience isn’t going to do anything about them. Similarly, if a pro-blogger doesn’t come up with helpful content, then there is no point in writing blogs. So I try to be as helpful as I can.

A lot of beginners who want to make money online fall victim to fake online earning programs and end up wasting time and money. The reason is the lack of knowledge and experience. What they don’t know is that there is no easy money out there, and experience teaches you this lesson.

I often go through my blog statistics, and I have been noticing that the audience wants to make money online whether it’s a pay per download program or other passive income ideas to work online. So I decided to share this niche blog idea with the readers.

Before we dig deeper into the steps of setting up a photo blog, you might want to know what a photo blog is. So here’s the definition:

What’s a Photo Blog?

It is predominantly a photo blog that targets the audience that is looking for photos and the blog provides them with the photos. 

It doesn’t necessarily mean a photo blog doesn’t have text-content on it; the text is also an essential part of the photo blog from the SEO and engagement standpoints. Similarly, a photo blog can be monetized just like any other blog out there.

If you’re photographer or photography enthusiast who takes a lot of photos, then you can pull this off quite convincingly.

So now let me share six steps of how to get paid for downloads using your photography skill.

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6 Steps of Getting Paid for Downloads on a Photo Blog

Some of the steps are rather simple as some of the readers might be new to blogging.

Step #1: Pick a Photo Blog Niche

You got to have an interesting idea of a photo blog. Choose your photo blog niche wisely; don’t pick something you have temporary access to. For example, if you go to London on a vacation and will be staying there for three weeks, you may be able to take hundreds of photos, but you can’t have a continuous flux of photos in the long run.

On the other hand, if you have a cat, you might be able to take thousands of photos over the next few months and even years. You can juggle different themes and ideas in your cat photography. It could turn out to be a great photo blog of cat photography.

Just stick to whatever you own it or have the access to for the long term.

Step #2: Set up the Photo Blog

The next up is launching a blog where you can post photos. Remember that you aren’t going to post on Instagram, but instead, you’re posting photos on a blog. What I’m trying to say is that you’d have to optimize the images while posting them on your blog.

So pick a light theme that loads faster than the normal themes. If you’re curious, what’s the fastest WordPress theme for a blog? I’ll say GeneratePress right off the bat.

Once you’re done buying and installing the fastest WordPress theme, install all the necessary WordPress plugins to make your site fully optimized for the search engine ranking. Furthermore, you should also do something about the visitors who could directly take your photos by bypassing the download feature (which will be discussed later on).

So there are a couple of methods you can try out to avoid the (direct) downloading of your images:

  1. Don’t post all of the photos in the blog post, but instead, use the snippets or thumbnails in a single image. This way, they’d have to look out for the method you want them to see to download the images.
  2. You can try out a plugin called No Right Click Images Plugin to stop people from saving your images directly, but there is no guarantee this or any plugin like this could secure the images.

So you’ll be better off if you try out the method #1 to make this idea of photo blog work.  

Step #3: Start Taking Photos

Once you’re done with photo blog niche selection and blog launching, the next most important part is taking the photos. Sticking to your niche while shooting photos is worth remembering, otherwise, it won’t make much of a difference. You can create multiple categories that fall under the same niche, but don’t focus on the multiple niches on the same blog.

You can use your DSLR camera or a smartphone for taking photos. If you’re using a smartphone, take photos on the maximum resolution to provide the best quality photos to the audience.

Don’t wait for a thousand photos before you start posting. Instead, just begin posting content on your photo blog once you have twenty to thirty photos for two or three blog posts. Read the next two steps before publishing any content on the photo blog.

Step #4: Upload Photos to a File Sharing Site

So I assume that you have a bunch of photos to play around. Now it’s time to upload them to your chosen file-sharing website. I wrote a blog post about the best file sharing websites that pay for downloads. You must check out that blog post if you have no idea about where to upload your photos.

When any file you upload (on a file-sharing site) gets downloaded, you earn money. Usually, these file-sharing sites pay a certain amount per thousand downloads.

So choose a file sharing site and start uploading your photos to that site.  

Step #5: Build a Blog Content Plan

The content plan would revolve around the pictures, but you need to understand that the text-part would be vital to the SEO. It’s difficult for search engines to identify the images so they rely on the meta titles and meta descriptions of the images.

Furthermore, a copy of the blog post would be a great addition to the blog post SEO. However, the photos are the gist of the content, but still, the text would help search engines recognize and classify the content to show in the SERP.

As far as the content plan is concerned, stick to the categories and the blog niche you chose for the photo blog and post consistently. For instance, if you have a dog photo blog, don’t include cat photos on your blog. You could include the pictures of any dog breed you come across, but if you start adding other animals’ photos, it’d hurt your content plan.

Step #6: Monetize Your Photo Blog

The primary monetization method of a photo blog would be getting paid for the (photo) downloads through file-sharing websites. You’d upload your photos to your favorite file-sharing site and the visitors would be able to download those photos through your download links.

However, the additional blog monetization could be any CPC advertising or affiliate marketing. You can monetize a blog with Google AdSense if you have some text-based content on the blog and you’re posting original content.

Bloggers find new monetization methods from time to time. If I were to start a photo blog, I might monetize it through PicJumbo or Shutterstock affiliate programs as both these sites are stock photo services and the visitors of the photo blog could be interested in stock photography.

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Final Thoughts

I’m a big fan of building niche sites, and I have been wanting to get into niche site-building for almost six years or so, but couldn’t do it due to freelance writing commitments.

Now things have changed quite a bit. I have been paying close attention to StartedBlogging as well as planning on launching a couple of niche sites before the end of 2020.

If you have been reading StartedBlogging for over 12 months or so, you must have noticed that I’ve steered the blog’s content strategy towards affiliate marketing, passive income, and niche sites.

Perhaps, one of the reasons I decided to shed some light on a topic like “getting paid for downloads” is that a lot of beginners ask me about making money on the internet. It helped me understand what the audience needs to know from me. Therefore, I’m trying to put out as much helpful content as possible through this blog.

Feel free to ask anything related to starting a photo blog and monetizing it through file-sharing websites.

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