Grammarly Premium: Should You Upgrade Your Free Account to Paid?


grammarly premium - should you upgrade?

Should you upgrade Grammarly’s free account to the premium version? Since I have used Grammarly premium edition for quite some time, so I thought to give you a glance at the premium version.

I didn’t start off using Grammarly’s premium version in the beginning, but instead, I upgraded after a while.

I’ve written a full-fledged Grammarly review back in 2017 when I first started using the premium edition. I was surprised by the impact it created on my writing.

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Therefore, I decide to shed some light on the key takeaways that I think you should know before jumping to the Grammarly premium version or decide to stick with the free version. Since bloggers, social media experts, and authors need a reliable grammar checking tool for obvious reasons, I’m using this opportunity to share my experience with you.

It’s a fact that free versions of most softwares don’t deliver up to the mark. However, if you have used the Grammarly premium version before, you’d have a better experience of using the Grammarly free version. The reason is that the premium version goes deep and recommends alternative words or sentences to make your write-up far better than it previously was.

On the contrary, the free version only highlights a few sentences and words that need to be replaced. It surely doesn’t go deep into your writing mistakes and errors and reminds the user to upgrade to the premium edition for in-depth reporting.

What I’m trying to say is that if you have used the premium version for a while, you could easily understand why the Grammarly tool is highlighting a specific word or sentence. Once you make the appropriate changes, it gives you the green signal to go ahead.

Without any further ado, let’s get to the cream of this blog post.

3 Lessons Learned After Using Grammarly Premium

Here we go:

1. Cut off the fluff and write to the point

I learned an essential lesson that writing to the point matters. What I had been doing was that I was unintentionally adding unnecessary words to the sentences. It turned out that stretching sentences unnecessarily didn’t help the process.

Had I not used Grammarly Premium, this writing issue wouldn’t have been addressed. I’m happy to report that I have been improving day by day, thanks to Grammarly‘s premium subscription.

For instance, here are two versions of the same sentence:

A) In order to get access to your email ID, you must remember your username and password.

B) To access your email ID, you must remember your username and password.

I’ve learned how to write to the point over time. Don’t worry about this mistake; you’ll learn along the way. Grammarly’s premium edition helped me get through this problem.

2. Connect two short and relevant sentences using a semicolon

One of the writing mistakes I was making was essentially not having a clear idea about using the semicolon. It’s a pretty common mistake even among native English speakers. After analyzing my write-ups over and over again with Grammarly premium, I got better at connecting two relevant sentences with a semicolon.


I told him not to go out in the cold; he doesn’t listen to me, anyway.

So the above-mentioned example showcases two brief sentences that are relevant but connected through a semicolon to help the receiver understand the point.

3. Using the comma to clarify the context

The comma is an important punctuation mark that helps a writer in separating different words or sentences. Missing a comma is quite a common mistake among bloggers and social media users.

Here’s the example:

A) He told me “I’m going home.”

B) He told me, “I’m going home.”

Can you spot a tiny difference? The first sentence doesn’t have the comma as a sentence separator, which is essentially a mistake.

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Should You Upgrade to Grammarly Premium?

I’m a big advocate of using Grammarly Premium for at least a year or so, especially if you’re a non-native English speaker and trying to improve your writing.

The reason is that I haven’t had any similar experience with any other grammar checker. I have tested a few of the popular grammar checking tools over the past few years, but Grammarly stands out among them.

However, I’m looking to try out more grammar checking tools soon.

As far as upgrading to Grammarly premium is concerned, I can tell you through my experience that it’s worth a shot if you’re serious about improving your writing skill.

I’ve used Grammarly’s premium edition for three different tenures but switching back to the free edition after a year was a blessing in disguise. It was like putting yourself to the test to see how far you have come. When I switched to the free version, I started applying things I learned from using Grammarly’s premium edition, and it improved my writing.

Let me know what you think of upgrading the Grammarly free account to the premium version.