How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join?


Have you ever thought about choosing the number of affiliate programs to join?

I certainly believed that the lesser the number of affiliate programs, the easier the job. However, I have changed my mind lately.

So I decided to share with you right off the bat.

I once said that my biggest affiliate marketing mistake was promoting multiple irrelevant products in the past, so I didn’t aggressively promote multiple products afterward.

I still believe that you shouldn’t promote irrelevant products on the same blog, meaning it won’t be wise to promote a laptop and the bicycle on the same niche website or blog.

All I’m saying is that if you’re promoting laptops, you can add laptop bags, operating systems, computer softwares, and other accessories to the mix.

See, I’m a laptop user, so I also have a printer, desktop computer, wireless routers, USB data traveler, and other accessories.

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Here’s what I realized: it doesn’t matter how many affiliate products a blog is promoting, but instead, what matters is that how much money a blog is making every month.

So, if you’re curious to know that how many affiliate programs you should join, then here’s the answer:

You can join as many affiliate programs as you want unless they are irrelevant to your blog content and niche. However, joining several affiliate programs might be half the equation. If you want to cash in on those affiliate programs, you got to have content related to those affiliate programs. Also remember that when you promote a product that you’ve tested and used, it adds so much authority in your voice because the first-hand experience goes a long way.

How Many Affiliate Programs Should You Join?

Why Can You Join Multiple Affiliate Programs?

I was subscribed to the idea of keeping fewer affiliate programs until a few months ago, but I realized that it’s holding me back. There are blogs and niche websites that are earning commissions from several places and they’re being flipped for 30x to 40x.

Since I know how to flip a website, so I realized it doesn’t matter if the commissions are scattered across multiple affiliate programs and networks as long as they’re coming consistently.

Now it has changed the course of my blogging and niche website building. If you want to know how to succeed with multiple affiliate programs, then here are two tips for turning things around:

1. A Wide Array of Blog Content Gets Published

When you join multiple affiliate programs, your horizon gets expanded. You can use the situation to your advantage by putting out more content on the blog. I have to admit that more content leads to more page views and site growth.

I’m not going to lie; every blog post you put out won’t be super successful in the SERP, but some of them would be. It’s far better than publishing less content and hoping a couple of them make a difference. I learned this lesson the hard way that the more you spread your website traffic across multiple blog posts, the easier it’ll be for you to grow a site.

Pro tip: Joining multiple affiliate programs that are relevant is okay, but don’t hesitate to test out creating multiple niche websites rather than creating a multi-niche website. Read our Kadence vs. GeneratePress themes comparison if you’re planning on starting multiple niche websites.

2. “More Content” Leads to “More Affiliate Sales”

It’s a tried-and-test strategy that “more content” leads to “more affiliate sales”. However, don’t get fooled by just focusing on putting out content. If you publish articles about chicken soup on tennis racket niche sites, then they won’t make a difference no matter how good they are.

Instead, try to keep your focus on the niche and topic clusters that you can dominate. If you haven’t discovered any untapped keywords or topic clusters, then it’s time to do that before you deep dive into content publishing. Once you have a handful of keywords or topic clusters in hand, go all-in with content publishing.

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Why am I Writing About Joining Multiple Affiliate Programs?

The reason I brought this topic up is that I stumbled upon this video from Spencer Haws in which he was showcasing an authority website that was making $7.1 million a year. Let me clarify something right off the bat, the annual revenue and statistics are from 2018 as Spencer’s video was uploaded in 2020.

We can discuss the SEO and site authority factors like domain age, on-page SEO, internal linking, backlinks profile, content quality, number of posts, SEO tactics, and more, but something that caught my attention was the number of affiliate products the site was promoting.

Sure, it would not have been possible without putting out loads of content. Spencer guessed that the site has over 5,000 blog posts based on the number of pages indexed in Google. In my opinion, it’d be fantastic even if they have 3,000 blog posts published.

So as I was telling you that this site is promoting dozens of affiliate products, which made me realize that it’s doable for anyone. If you want to watch that part of the video, then click here.

Interestingly, this site doesn’t run display ads on their site and only makes money from affiliates. No wonder they have multiple affiliate products to promote on the site.

The reason I decided to write about joining multiple affiliate programs is that I want to see how it works for me. StartedBlogging is pretty stagnant from the growth standpoint. So I want to double down on the content publishing as well as on adding additional affiliate products. I want to see how this strategy works out for us.

What’s Your Opinion on Joining Multiple Affiliate Programs?

Some affiliate marketers stick to a few high-ticket affiliate programs and never promote additional products on a blog. Others keep on adding new products to their affiliate marketing mix.

I’ve kept myself from adding new affiliate products frequently, but I do have a fair amount of affiliate products to promote. However, I’ve decided to follow the FitSmallBusiness approach and add up multiple affiliates to my affiliate marketing strategy.

What do you think about joining multiple affiliate programs?

Let me know in the comments below.