How to Increase Blog Traffic Fast: A 5-Step Process


“How do you get blog traffic?”

I get asked this question many times.

I asked the same question a decade ago. How do I increase blog traffic? I was lost, confused and overwhelmed.

Thank goodness I learned from pros how to increase blog traffic fast. Putting these tips into action allowed me to leave my struggles behind.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog. Why blog? You want to help people. People find your blog as your traffic increases. Without traffic, you run a cyber diary. With traffic, you become a highly successful blogger.

Sear this idea onto your mind: to get traffic, you give of your time, talents and generosity. All traffic problems exist because you hold back. All bloggers whose blogs hum with traffic generously help people for free to improve their skills, to increase their presence and to drive traffic to their blog.


Follow these tips to increase blog traffic now.

1: Publish Posts More Frequently to You Blog

Many bloggers fear to fail or being criticized. This fear tends to manifest as a blanket obsession with getting all things perfect before you write and publish a post. Getting all things perfect means 1-2 posts weekly if that.

Imagine if the editors at said contributors could only write 1 post per month? Imagine if Mark Zuckerberg said only 1 Facebook update per week, per user? Content drives serious traffic! Publish it. Not in a mad dash of course but do publish helpful content more frequently to boost traffic.

I have not checked my metrics in many months but someone told me earlier this year Blogging From Paradise registered 44,000-page visits monthly. Why? I ramped up blog post frequency over the past year. A few years back I was getting 300 visits daily. Big difference.

Be abundant. Post quality content frequently. Develop the mindset of a millionaire blogger. Position yourself to succeed.

2: Guest Post on Blogs from Your Niche

I had been writing and submitting 5 or more guest posts daily for the past month.

Yesterday, I asked my buddies that if they wanted guest posts to simply give me login credentials and I will happily become a prolific, helpful contributor for them.

A few rocking bloggers took me up on my offer. Here I am.

Guest posting is a simple way to increase blog traffic because you leverage your presence quickly. Write and submit quality guest posts on blogs in your niche to drive interested readers to your blog. I guest post mainly on blogging tips blogs.

Do your best. Do not hold back. Be generous. Ask blogging buddies if you can guest post for them. Seize opportunities to serve people.

3: Comment Genuinely on Blogs

Genuine blog commenting is the quickest, simplest way for new bloggers and struggling bloggers to increase blog traffic for its low barriers to entry. If you write a 2-3 paragraph, personalized, valuable comment discussing the blog post you will avoid spam folders, make friends and increase traffic to your blog. The only way you screw this up is if you spam people with 2-word comments or off-topic, generic comments. Other than that, you get guaranteed exposure.

Comment on blogs from your niche. Attract like-minded people to increase targeted traffic to your blog.

4: Publish Pressing Topics to Your Blog

Following this tip is different from tip #1. Tip #1 is about priming the blog traffic pump through being generous and prolific. Covering pressing topics instantly increases traffic because you post content inspiring people to solve their biggest problems and to live their biggest dreams.

Instantly, any money-themed blogging topic gets a quick, strong traffic surge. Most humans struggle to make money. All bloggers are human so this pressing topic drives blog traffic.

Blogging tips bloggers know traffic or money topics are pure gold. Listen to your readers. Meet their needs. How are they suffering? What do they struggle with? How can you inspire them to live their dreams? Serve up solutions through your blog posts.

5: Broadcast Live on Facebook Groups

Broadcast live on Facebook Groups related to your niche.

Drive traffic by honoring Facebook’s algorithm.

We all know Facebook gives priority to live broadcasts because live videos see sweet engagement. Take advantage of this fact to increase your blog traffic while helping people.

Solve problems from your niche. Add a link to your blog in the video description field.

Be thorough, chat with people watching the video and respond to comments in real-time.

Build bonds and increase blog traffic in the process.


You have 24 hours to work with today.

How generous do you choose to be with this precious gift?

Help people for free through the above strategies. Increase your blog traffic fast.

Have fun serving people as you blog your way to your dream life.