3 Ways to Improve Your Blog in 2020

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Blogging confuses most folks because information overload cripples most bloggers. How should you blog? What should you do? How can you improve dwindling traffic and profits metrics?

Before you go crazy trying to pinpoint your mistakes, follow a few blogging fundamentals. Stick to the basics to guarantee that you will improve your blog.

The improvement involves letting go of old states of mind to renew and refresh your mind. Expect to do highly uncomfortable things to facilitate your improvement; for that, buy my eBook.

Focus on where you can grow and expand. Improving your blog requires your openness to a new way of seeing and doing things. Often times, getting user feedback precedes big improvements. I recall a reader commenting on the crappy design of my old blog. He offered his feedback unsolicited. I felt the sting but deep down, I knew I had to change my theme to be taken seriously and to move higher in blogging circles.

improve your blog in 2020

Follow these tips to improve your blog in 2020.

1. Buy Resources and Use Your New Knowledge

Buy courses and eBooks from established, pro bloggers. Take courses. Read eBooks. Take notes. Study notes. Put your new knowledge into action. Improve your blog. Pros know refresher courses always lead to improvement because even top bloggers stray from the basics and need a reminder sometimes. Struggling bloggers and lost newbies need to introduce themselves to the fundamentals.

Invest money, time and energy in your blogging education to improve your blog.

2. Do a Review Every 3-6 Months

I review my blog every 3-6 months to see where I need to improve. Over the past 3 months, I ramped up my blog posting frequency. I feared publishing too frequently until I realized helpful content is helpful content, whether you publish once weekly or 5 times daily.

Scan your blog periodically to look for potential improvements. Do you need to delete old, irrelevant blog posts? How about changing your blog theme? Perhaps closing comments is the way to go. I closed comments last week and never looked back. Spammers ate up precious time and valuable server resources; I improved my energy and overall user experience by shutting down blog commenting on Blogging From Paradise.

Note; reviews sometimes feel highly unpleasant because most of us hate letting go of blogging elements. Who loves changing things up if the change requires a bold, dramatic move? I felt terrified the moment I removed my opt-in form but not building a list was perhaps my best blogging move. I never vibed with list building so I let go of the worn-out strategy and succeeded with a prolific guest posting campaign.

3. Follow Timely Advice from Top Pros

Top bloggers in the blogging tips niche offer current advice guaranteed to accelerate your blogging success. Blogging pros also improve your blog through their knowledge if you remain open to their content.

Maybe you feel married to the idea that using pop-ups is the only way to build your email list. After stunted list growth and some reader grumblings, you come across advice from a top pro who warns against being attached to pop-ups as the only way to build a list. Resonance wakes you up; perfect place, perfect time, to improve your blog.

Top pros also keep you current because most pro advice aligns with present-day trends. Imagine if you pitched bloggers to land guest posts on their blogs with the lame, tired approach of copying and pasting generic, lifeless emails. Established pros will help you improve that strategy pronto by telling you to trash such emails and to build bonds by being generous, instead.

Blogging buddies you meet by helping bloggers generously invite you to guest post and even link to you without your ask. I would say; this sounds like a big improvement to me.


Improving your blog may feel scary but it’s necessary to ramp things up from time to time to accelerate your blogging growth.

Let go of the old and worn out to make room for a new, prospering, success-promoting blog.

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