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Email List Building Case Study: 0 to 100 Subscribers

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email list building case study

This is an email list building case study in which I shared an email list building experience. I showcased how I reached 0 to 100 subscribers within weeks. However, the timeline wasn’t the major concern because it was my first-ever email list building endeavor.

So back in 2016, I conducted this email list building experiment on my personal blog. I had not done anything even remotely close to that. Despite having a regular email list, I went on to build a new one. It was rather a test fire.

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I’m happy to report that I successfully got 100 email list subscribers through, and it proved that anyone can build an email list if guided properly.

In this blog post, I’m going to share what I did to build a new email list of 100 subscribers. I haven’t had any expectations from this experiment whatsoever. For what it’s worth, I just wanted to see how it goes.

email list building funnel

So, let’s get right into it.

Email List Building Case Study: 0 to 100 Subscribers

Here are the steps I took to get it done:

#1. Created a Relevant E-book

I needed something as an optin bribe. So I chose an ebook to offer to the audience in exchange for their email addresses. Since I was writing about blogging, freelancing, and personal branding, all these things lead to launching a blog or website at some point. I knew that it’s imperative to have an official site up and running.

So, I created a tutorial-based free PDF ebook and used everything I know about WordPress blog launching to help guide the audience.

I tried my best to help anyone who is getting started with building a blog or WordPress-based site. It turned out to be a useful resource for a lot of beginners. Maybe, that’s why I was able to achieve the goal. Anyway, let’s focus on the steps.

#2. Designed an Optin Funnel

There wasn’t any rocket science involved in that optin funnel. I created a squeeze page using the List Fusion plugin and MailChimp email marketing service. List Fusion is a premium WordPress plugin for creating optin boxes and squeeze pages. What this means is that the visitor needs to put a name and email address on the squeeze page to download the e-book.

download ebook funnel

This optin funnel isn’t hard to set up, though. Once you install the List Fusion, it asks for an API key from your MailChimp account to connect your plugin to your MailChimp account.

Once it’s linked, you can create optins and grab the email addresses. Everyone who ends up downloading the ebook through this optin funnel also joins your email list.

Once the optin funnel was set up, the next up was making sure that people start discovering the offer. So it takes us to the step #3.

#3. Promoted the Free E-book

I did promote the e-book through my blog by putting a sidebar banner ad for a few days. It did work well. Although, my list building got speed up when I did a few guest posts on different blogs. Later on, I removed the sidebar banner ad as well as stopped guest posting. The list building, however, kept on going as I mentioned the optin bribe in various blog posts, which worked just fine.

ebook promotion

I believe that the guest posts played a significant role. I also tweeted the e-book squeeze page from time to time. So, there were a handful of things that I did to promote the e-book. I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to just rely on guest posting. Instead, you should try out multiple options and notice the impact on the email list building process.

I didn’t use any type of paid advertising or promotion for this email list building case study.

Did this Email List Building Case Study Help You?

I didn’t know much about email list building before this case study. All I knew was the basics that almost every beginner knows about email list building.

Once I conducted this experience, I had had a lot of insights to look through. I learned a lot of things about email list building, but two lessons were worth the effort:

  1. An attractive opt-in bribe does the job
  2. Promotional strategy influences the email list building result

So if you want to takeaway something from this email list building case study, then here it is: I learned that the useful content, an interesting topic, and a well-designed e-book cover are must-have elements. These things have a massive impact on clickability and downloads if promoted properly.

Leave a comment if this email list building case study helped you out.

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