file sharing websites that pay

10 File Sharing Websites that Pay for Downloads

Have you ever heard of file sharing websites that pay for downloads? I reckon most of you didn’t come across those file uploading and sharing websites that pay users. Sure, you’d already know about Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, and …

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Filmora9 to DaVinci Resolve - Best video editing software

Filmora9 to DaVinci Resolve: Why I Switched

I’ve switched from Filmora video editing software to DaVinci Resolve. However, the transition from Filmora9 to DaVinci Resolve wasn’t easy at all, but I’ll tell you later on how I’m learning how to use Resolve. I have been using Filmora …

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blog image optimization

10 Blog Image Optimization Tips for Bloggers

Do blog image optimization tips seem ordinary to you? If they do, you should reach out to your blogging pundit via email and ask this: Is blog image optimization important? I bet if your blogging guru understands SEO and how …

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best grammar checker tools

6 Popular Grammar and Spell Checking Tools

If you’re a blogger, author, or editor, you’d know some of the popular grammar and spell checking tools. I thought to write a blog post covering some of the top grammar checking tools that bloggers and writers use for checking grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

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