part-time blogging

Part-time Blogging: How to Blog Part-time and Make Extra Money

Take a look at some popular blogging courses:
Mastering WordPress: Build The Ultimate Professional Website
Monetization for Bloggers: Make Money Blogging on any Subject
Affiliate Marketing: The Complete 2020 Masterclass

Have you ever thought about part-time blogging and making extra money? I asked this question because a lot of people ask me about making extra money online. So instead of giving my answer individually, I thought I’d write a blog post telling how to blog part-time and make money.

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Google AdSense Alternative

Here’s Why I Stopped Using Google AdSense

It might seem strange to newbie bloggers that why someone would stop using Google AdSense. The reason is that a lot of beginners dream all day long to get their Google AdSense accounts no matter how fresh their blogs are.

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best grammar checker 2018

Grammarly Review: The Best Grammar Checking Tool

Grammarly is one of the best grammar-checking tools on the market. After trying more than six different grammar checkers, I’m more than happy to finally get my hands on a perfect online tool that corrects spellings, tells about repetitive words, …

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