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Make Money Blogging Like Pro-bloggers: Here’s How

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We all have access to successful, practical blogging tips.

Some pro-bloggers follow these tips diligently and see success.

Other bloggers ignore good advice and fail.

What differs between the two bloggers?


Bloggers committed 100% to blogging work generously, daily, for years of their lives. Imagine today spending 4-8 to 10 hours or more every day of the next 365 days of blogging. Does that prospect scare you? Good. I blogged for a decade and still fear generously working sometimes. Being human requires you to face, feel and release fears to be fully committed to blogging. Nobody succeeds without being heavily committed to blogging. Nobody commits 100% to blogging unless they develop their emotional intelligence.

#1: Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Blogging gives you what you give blogging. Generous, persistent bloggers spending 4 to 10 hours daily generously helping people for free to see blogging profits materialize through their income streams. Blogging generously serves you if you generously serve human beings via blogging.

You nod, right? I know you heard this advice many times before. But why do you choose not to commit to blogging in such fashion? Fear. Fear arises in your mind the moment you ponder spending 8 hours on a sunny weekend day when you dread going to work for 40 hours this week at your full-time job. Netflix, relaxation or a trip to the beach wins over blogging and freedom because you fear to commit to being free and sprint back into your unhappy comfort zone.

Developing emotional intelligence means being fully aware of your feelings. Example; earlier today, a dear reader alerted me that they purchased my eBook. I felt emotions of happiness, freedom, and gratitude move through my being because I have some emotional intelligence, honed through meditation and deep yin yoga. One feeling told me to take off for a few hours and watch Netflix; mistake, because I’d be lazy doing that. Another feeling told me to work harder, to sell 100 eBooks tomorrow; mistake, because I’d force things doing that. I did not act on those fear-based feelings but chose instead of write 2 more guest posts because having fun serving people is the simplest, easiest way to see increasing success.

Consider deep yin yoga, meditating or praying as awareness expanding practices. Being aware of your true feelings develops your emotional intelligence so you remain 100% committed to blogging by facing, feeling and releasing fears pulling you from your commitment, versus acting on these non-committed energies.

#2: Buy a Resource

I wrote an eBook to help you commit fully to your goals because pro-bloggers love resources for an inspirational boost.

Resources like eBooks and courses jam-pack all the help you need with committing in one simple spot. Blog posts rock for helping you but blog posts are like little snacks. 6,000 word eBooks serve as a full meal or even a generous buffet because you get a complete, top to bottom solution for your commitment issues in a robust eBook.

My buddy, Hassaan, invested in several products because he knows how to become a blogger better. Take a look at the paid products he is using:

Web HostingImage CompressorWord ProcessorImage MakerGrammar checker
social media images maker

Invest money in resources. Commit your capital to goad you to commit to blogging and to access rich tutorials in a single spot, to keep blogging through thick and thin.

Pro-bloggers succeed and make money because they invest in themselves.

#3: Do Only a Few Things to Do Them Well

I write blog posts and guest posts.

I podcast and broadcast live.

Essentially, this is all I do daily. I focus on doing 4 things to do the 4 things well. Doing just 4 things keeps me 100% committed to blogging daily for years at a time. Sometimes, I just guest post. Sometimes, I just blog. I never do more than 4 things because trying to become skilled in 5 or 10 areas precedes disaster and failure. How can you remain 100% committed to blogging for the next 5 years, blogging every single day, if you try to master 10 different ways to help people? While I write my 5th guest post of the day at 7 PM, you are trying to spend 14 minutes honing your 10th skill of the day.

Never be a jack of all trades. Generalists quit blogging because they are unskilled in 5 or 10 different areas. Specialists become highly skilled in 1-2 areas and become skilled and pretty darn effective in 1-2 areas. I am highly skilled in publishing blog posts and guest posts and do a solid job podcasting and broadcasting live. Blogging is an easy commitment because I do a few things, do ’em well, develop skills and experience worldly success through my skill set.

#4: Vow to Never Give Up

The only reasons why you should give up blogging:

  • you genuinely hate blogging
  • some other strong, pulsating passion pulls you away from blogging

But if you enjoy blogging and feel frustrated some by your results, vow to never, ever give up blogging. See the journey through. Know that I and every seasoned pro-blogger experienced the frustrating emotions you feel now, many times.  I have been in your annoyed or angry or hopeless shoes during my blogging career. I simply learned the top earners face, feel and release these emotions and keep blogging.

Keep going.

The person you become if you wade through fears will shock you.

10 years ago I was a depressed security guard.

Today I am a traveling pro-blogger.

The power of commitment wins again.

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