A Practical Strategy for Adding Profitable Income Streams to Your Blog

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How can you make money blogging?

If your blogging career spans 5 minutes, somebody probably asked you that question already.

This is because most bloggers struggle horribly in the money making department.

You may feel beyond disgusted at making a few dollars after working hard on your blog for months. Or maybe you’re fed up with blogging after not even earning a stinking penny through your blog.

Confusion sets in. Where the heck do you start? What Profitable income stream should you pick? How can you make money through them?

I’m here to help you cut through that confusion to give you clarity. And to add some zeros to your bank account statement.

Profitable Income Streams

Follow these tips to add profitable income streams to your blog:

1: Monetize On Passions

What makes you feel alive? What do you love doing? Monetize that.

Example; I love writing. So I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks between Amazon and Selz. I also offer freelance writing services. I love blogging too. So I offer blog consulting services.

Think through your passions. If you feel confused about how to earn through that channel simply accept this radical but true idea: you create the niche through your passionate energy.

Every trailblazer and pioneer in life created a niche that was not there. People did not NEED to social network before Mark Zuckerberg showed up and created Facebook. He followed his passion. That passion—through his attention, energy and laser-like focus—caught fire, and Facebook became cool.

He could not do market research because nobody knew Facebook existed. Nor did many folks know about social media. His passion made the market.

Monetizing your passion detaches you greatly from money outcomes so you can do the giving, serving, and helping that leads to you earning a full-time income through multiple streams of income.

The less you worry about money, the more fun you have and the more love you spread through your income channels. Of course, with this intent, you will make a boatload of money in the long run.

Note; most struggling bloggers chase profits, not passions. You cannot get much money if you are obsessed with getting. But you will make a lot of money if you are obsessed with giving, loving, helping and having fun.

2: Learn and Churn to Earn




The Holy Trinity of adding income streams.

Learn: Learn about the income stream. Learn how to monetize it. Buy guides. Buy courses. Immerse yourself in one income stream. If you are having a hellishly difficult time earning I betcha you ain’t learning.

This is like going to college or doing an internship for months or even years. You must learn to set the foundation for earning. Making money requires a particular skillset.

Churn: The churning part is work. It will feel fun much of the time. Sometimes it will feel like a drag, or work, or churning. Happens to the best of us.

Work to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Mimic the actions of successful bloggers who earn through these streams. Create helpful blog posts for your ideal reader. Solve problems. Assist people. Be generous. Be helpful. Build friendships with top bloggers in your niche by promoting them and by commenting on their blogs. These steps seem like they have nothing to do with earning but they have everything to do with earning. Table setting steps, they are.

Follow practical steps based on your new money making knowledge to earn that scrilla.

Example; I learned how to write, format and self-publish eBooks. So I wrote, formatted and self-published 126 eBooks. I also learned the power of free eBook giveaways for boosting sales on Amazon. So I set up free giveaways, promoted the 1-day freebie through my blog, email list and social channels and of course, by moving into these actions I began to…..

Earn: This is the enjoyable part. Seeing Paypal payments. Seeing royalty checks.

Learn. Churn. Earn.

3: Add an Income Stream every 3-6 Months

Add an income stream every 3-6 months to avoid being overwhelmed.

Some bloggers – in an excited, giddiness-fueled rush – add 2, 3 or even 5 income streams to their blogs simultaneously. How can a human being master five income streams simultaneously? Each stream requires study, analysis, practice, testing and tweaking for it to yield consistent income.

Resist the urge to dive into a new income stream too quickly by simply studying high earning bloggers (next step). Do these guys and gals dive willy-nilly into 10 income streams at once? Nope. Like any human being, it takes time for them to study and learn income streams.

John Chow learned how to make money through MOBE before he earned millions on the platform. He did not launch his best selling eBook at the same time he dove into MOBE.

Adding income streams progressively helps you to steadily increase your income. Earn money through one channel after getting intimately familiar with how to work the channel. Add a new income stream 3 months from now. Learn that channel. Meanwhile, you will earn more passively – and easily – through your prior channel. A good way to build a steady income stream which always seems to be expanding.

I just sold 3 more eBooks in the past few minutes. I also earned cash through one of my consulting streams. Two streams are better than 1. But in the same respect, I had to learn how to effectively monetize these streams before earning. That takes time.

4: Surround Yourself with the Highest Earning Bloggers

I recently dove full bore into John Chow’s blog recently.

He is one of the highest earning individual bloggers on earth.

John’s cash flow rivals blogs with entire staffs of professional writers. Impressive.

By following his teachings and commenting on his blog, I saw an instant uptick in my blog profits. Something funny happens when you associate with wealthy people. You feed off of their energy. You learn from them. You make more money. Almost instantly, in some cases.

Here’s why: John shares profit-building tips but his readers are generally not tire-kickers. These folks pay coin freely to advance their blogging careers. Otherwise, John Chow would not be so rich! So when these serious, committed bloggers read my comments and click through to my blog they quickly sign up for my list and buy some of my products or services.

In essence, when you surround yourself with high earning bloggers, you are hanging out where the money is.

Your Turn

What tips can you add to this list?