3 Ways to QUICKLY Improve Your English Writing

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Yes, it’s true that you can quickly improve your English writing. I said “quickly improve” because you’ll see a difference if you keep up. Of course, it takes time to master any skill. If you’re here because you feel that your English writing isn’t that great and you want to grasp a shortcut, then I’m sorry because I don’t have any shortcut. Instead, I can give you three tips that will help you improve your English writing along the way, but you’ll start noticing the difference very quickly.

I’m not kidding.

Hey, stop!

Why are you thinking that this blog post is a waste of time?

Let me show it to you.

The reason I’m so confident is that I have been trying to improve my English writing since forever. Whatever I’m going to share with you would be based on my learning. If I would have known these things six years ago, I could become a far better writer than I’m today.

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1. Read Books

You might think that books reading is boring – I know some of you might think that because I have been there, which is why I know. Now, I don’t think that way; see my perspective got completely changed about book reading almost two years ago when I read Give and Take. Watch my review on that book on YouTube.

I can tell you from a blogger’s standpoint that you could revamp your English writing by reading books. Not only do they give you knowledge, but they also help you improve your English writing. I highly recommend reading books, especially if you want to quickly improve your writing.

For those who find books reading boring; there are plenty of book genres. Pick a category you’re interested in and search for the popular books under that category on the internet. For what it’s worth, you could stumble upon a great book that could make you fall in love with that genre.

2. Watch Netflix

It sounds crazy. Right? If you’re a parent, you might freak out now. I mean you might have heard experts say “stop watching too much TV and get your work done” and you might be confused what to do now. Well, you don’t have to do exactly the same, but being a blogger, I’m a big advocate of watching Netflix. Since I’m a non-native English speaker, so it’s imperative for me to understand how the conversations happen.

Reading books and watching TV are two different things. When you watch a series on Netflix, you spend more time watching it, and you get into the story to understand the context of whatever is happening.

Netflix has helped me improve my English writing. I don’t say that you should binge-watch Netflix for hours every day — I get tired of gazing at the screen after an hour. Hey, I once made a video on my favorite Netflix Shows. Check it out.

3. Install a Dictionary

I have been using computers for over a decade and I don’t remember having a computer without any dictionary. Sure, you could install a dictionary on your smartphone; that’s fine too. What I mean by this point is that you should consult the dictionary more often. I have Merriam-Webster on my phone and WordWeb on my PC.

So when you have a dictionary on your device, you could check out any complicated word within a second, whether you’re watching your favorite TV show or reading a book. Let’s admit we often come across the words that we have no idea of their meanings or haven’t heard before. So having a dictionary is a huge advantage, especially if you’re putting in the work to improve your English writing.

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Bonus Tip

Use a grammar checking tool to get better at this. I use Grammarly, and it has been a phenomenal tool for improving my English writing. I had a free account early on, then I purchased the paid version; it took everything to the next level. It’s a great tool for bloggers.

What else would you advise someone who wants to improve English writing?

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