Are You Selling a Website? Here’s What I Learned

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Are you selling a website?

It’s exciting when you build a blog from the ground up and ready to flip for a whole lot of money.

Maybe, you’re a first-time seller just like I was back in 2013.

I had no idea what to do, and I made a few horrible mistakes during the website selling process.

So keeping those mistakes in mind, I’d help guide you through this blog post.

If you’re thinking, I might tell you not to sell your website, then you’re wrong. I’m sure my tips would only make it easier for you.

Let’s cut to the chase: I have learned four things about selling a website that I can share with you regarding flipping a website or blog.

First-hand experience has no alternative.

Therefore, I can help guide you, but there is a caveat:

Please be advised that the following tips are coming from someone who has sold a website before, but it doesn’t make me an expert in this area, especially when it comes to payments. Kindly pay a visit to your mentor or lawyer before you initiate the selling process. I won’t be responsible for any trouble.

selling a website?

4 Tips on Selling a Website (that I Learned the Hard Way)

Are you ready to learn some valuable lessons about selling a website?

Here we go:

1. Don’t Sell it Quickly

Some of you think it’s a great sign if your blog is getting noticed and buyers have started reaching out to acquire your blog. Well, it sure is a good sign, but a lot of starters could potentially sell their blogs at a higher price if they wait a little longer and grow their blogs in the next three to five months.

What I mean is that many newbie bloggers who set out and make a good start on their blogs end up selling their blogs/websites at a low price.

Suppose you’ve started making $30 to $50 dollar on a three-month old blog, and you get an offer of a $1000 — you’d be ecstatic about it.

Since you’ve figured out how to make money on your blog, you could scale it a little bit more and get to $100 to $150 per month mark, and then sell it between $3,000 to $4,000.

2. Get to Know Your Website Worth

There are so many website valuation tools out there, but they aren’t any good. The reason is that they have different criteria for estimating a website’s worth than what’s being used on the market.

The niche site buyers and sellers use a manual valuation system in which a site’s monthly profit is multiplied thirty times or so. So basically it’s a 30x of the monthly profit. For instance, if a site has $100 profit per month, it could be sold at $3,000.

So be aware of your website’s value and don’t sell it at a lower price.

3. Prefer a Website Buying and Selling Platform [Recommended]

It’s quite easier nowadays to sell a website through all these website selling platforms. It’s far better to use the website selling platform than to start a discussion with a random person you meet in a Facebook group.

When you use a platform such as Motion Invest, not only does it add authenticity to the transfer, but it also brings security to the payment processing.

I have had a bad experience of selling a website outside a platform, which is why I highly recommend using a website selling platform instead of selling it elsewhere.

4. Use an Escrow Service for Outside Buyers

I won’t recommend selling a website outside the website selling and buying platform, but if you want to do it anyway, make sure that you’re using an escrow service available in your region. There are many escrow services out there; pick the one that accepts users from your country.

Escrow services are payment guarantors; they take and hold the payment from the buyer and transfer it to the seller once the web property has been fully transferred according to the terms. Once both parties confirm the transfer of the website, the escrow service releases the payment to the seller after taking their fee.

I was listening to the Doug Show and the guest was sharing about a site purchase from Motion Invest. He shared that his experience of buying a site through that platform was good. 

Should You Even Sell Your Website?

The section of the blog post isn’t that important. The only reason I’m writing this last bit of this blog post is that I want to share my experience with you.

Since I had just sold my blog in 2013 so I was all excited and pumped up to focus on freelance writing.

I’m not going to lie; at some point along the way, I felt that those small commissions between 19$ to $50 that used to give me goosebumps weren’t there anymore. I did feel a little sad about it, though.

Later on, my freelance writing career took off and I never looked back until 2019 when I finally decided to get back to blogging and build a blogging business again.

The point is that you must do some due diligence before selling your website, for example:

Can you build a better blog than the one you’re selling?

How long would it take to build a new blog from the ground up?

Do you have more passive income sources right now?

Are you selling your website at the right price?

Once you’ve gone through these areas, and it all seems right, then go ahead and sell your website.

If you don’t feel good about any of these things, maybe, you should wait for the right time.

So tell me what you think of the above-mentioned tips on selling a website.

I’ll be interested in knowing your experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

Let’s meet in the comments section.

Disclaimer: The blog post may contain affiliate links. Read disclosure section for more details.

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