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How to Send Convincing Abandoned Cart Recovery Emails

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“Abandoned carts” are no exception to any eCommerce store owner. It builds up and then breaks down your expectations.

Furthermore, in places where e-shopping carts are being used, cart abandonments most likely happen.

Though the percentage of abandonment is different for different sectors, overall it shows an alarming average percentage of cart abandonment.

But don’t worry, there are smart ways to recover abandoned carts and increase your sales.

Go ahead to know the best tips regarding the abandoned cart recovery process by sending convincing emails.

What is an Abandoned cart email?

This is a reminder email. They are sent to customers who have left products abandoned in their eCommerce shopping carts. Emails are sent to motivate customers to buy the same.

Why send an Abandoned cart email?

  • To re-engage your potential customers who didn’t finish the purchase
  • To recover your lost revenue

According to available data, abandoned carts can increase around 40-50% of your sales. Thereby I would recommend you to recover your lost sales using the abandoned cart recovery strategy. To make your work easier, there is a tool for abandoned cart recovery.

When to send an abandoned cart email?

You can start sending abandoned cart recovery emails after a product is abandoned in a customer’s shopping cart. You should stop sending them after the product has been bought.

How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

While setting up your abandoned cart recovery email, do not stop with just one reminder email. Send a series of emails at regular intervals thereby reminding them again and again finally making them buy.

At the same time make sure that you do not spam them with a lot of emails.

While you are sending repetitive emails, consider the following aspects.

  • Exact product info
  • The time gap between one email and the other
  • Total number of emails
  • Email content
  • Adding details about the product demand
  • Stock availability
  • Offers available now for the product.

How to send WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery emails

Step 1: Download Retainful – Abandoned cart recovery plugin.

Step 2: Install/Activate it.

Step 3: Configure your plugin with your unique API key. Start setting up your mail info in the Retainful plugin tab as shown in the below screenshot.

Step 4: Set up the time and the series of emails to be sent automatically.

Step 5: Customise it by selecting various options like smart coupons.

Step 6: You can choose from the available pre-designed hassle-free templates as well.

Step 7: Edit and add the necessary contents with the user-friendly visual email builder.

Step 8: Try sending a test email.

Step 9: Now you have set up automated emails to be sent to customers after they abandon carts and it stops as and when they buy the products.

Step 10: Try out drafting ‘n’ number of emails, customize them with various options whenever you want to.

Step 11: Track the performance by calculating the amount recovered and the reasons for recovery.

Set up your best strategy for scaling your online business with abandoned cart recovery email plugins.

Cart abandonment email Content

Subject content

The subject line of an email catches customer’s eyes no matter what. It cannot go unnoticed. It is the deciding factor whether they are going to open it or not. So do not waste it’s potential and try to recover lost sales right there with catchy lines.

Product name

Do not forget to mention the product name while sending cart recovery emails. Also, mention the name of the product multiple times so that it reminds them even if they had forgotten what they wanted to buy.

Do not distract customers

Distraction can cause a loss in sales. If you want to sell a particular product, keep your customers focussed on the same. So, do not add unnecessary content into the mail.

Single click buying option

You want customers to buy the products in their abandoned carts. So make it is easy for them by adding single click options in their mail. By making the process easier you can easily witness more customers buying products, therefore, increased abandoned cart recovery.

Offers and Discounts

Providing offers and discounts along with email notification will motivate customers to check out abandoned carts immediately.

Adding coupons with emails by generating unique codes using a random generator will enable restricted coupon usage hence can be used only once.


Thank your customers for buying at your store by sending “Thank you emails”. Along with emails, you can add offers for their next purchase such as Next Order Coupons. This in return will surely boost your sales and bring in regular customers due to repeated purchases.

Well framed content

Make sure to frame catchy but also readable sentences. Do check spelling and grammar and also decide the level of difficulty of the sentences you frame and make them easily readable.

Automate abandoned cart emails and that’s it?

Automating abandoned cart recovery emails are not just enough. In addition to automation, track its performance. Cart recovery plugins facilitate you with options like the following to tracking the performance.

  • Number of carts that were abandoned
  • Number of carts that were recovered
  • Value of abandoned carts
  • Value of recovered carts
  • Carts recovered after adding smart coupons
  • Product Category being abandoned the most.

Summing up

Automating abandoned cart recovery emails is the trend these days. No one prefers to send emails manually for abandoned cart recovery. At the same time just automating emails will not successfully recover abandoned carts. You should know how to draft abandoned cart recovery emails to increase conversion rates.

The required contents for cart recovery emails include an attractive subject line, optimal mentions of the product name, and other details, focus only on necessary data with easy call-to-action links.

But in addition to the required contents abandoned cart recovery email plugins give you immense options to improvise your sales by adding certain features like coupons where you can give offers, set time-limited offers, and much more. So you get to explore tricks and tactics that work the best for abandoned cart recovery.

Do comment and share your experiences.

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