Should You Use Namecheap Shared Web Hosting?


should you use namecheap shared web hosting

Finding a good-quality shared web hosting service remains a struggle for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and niche site builders until they find the right one. I have been using Namecheap shared web hosting since 2017. Should you also use Namecheap shared web hosting service? You’ll find out the answer.

Since I have been using web hosting services for a long time so I know what newbie bloggers want to know about web hosting companies. Choosing a good-quality shared web hosting service could be daunting at times, especially for newbies who are getting started with blogging.

On the other hand, experienced bloggers test out different web hosting services so that they could write with authority and confidence on their blogs.

I have had a fair share of experience when it comes to using different web hosting services as I have been running blogs since 2009. Most of the web hosting companies I tested out weren’t up to the mark, and I had to stop using them after a year or two.

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Namecheap is the only shared web hosting company that I haven’t stopped using even after four years. Moreover, if things keep on going this way, I won’t even need to think about switching to any other shared web host.

So this was a brief history that was important to share before I explain why I think you should use Namecheap shared web hosting.

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Should You Use Namecheap Shared Web Hosting? Here’s the Answer

There are several reasons why I recommend using Namecheap shared web hosting service if you’re getting started or you haven’t reached the point where your sites have aggregating a million page views. Let’s take a look at some of the key reasons why you should use Namecheap shared web hosting:

The web hosting servers are good

It’d be unfair to compete the shared web hosting with a cloud server, VPN, or a dedicated server. However, I have been using the Namecheap shared web hosting for four years, and I never ran into any issue regarding web hosting.

Downtimes rarely occur

Downtimes are inevitable when it comes to website hosting. The web hosting servers are machines anyway; they got to restart at some point. I’m no expert at server configuration or web host management, but this is what I learned over the past decade. If you frequently notice the downtime, then it’s worrisome.

Customer support is efficient

One of the reasons I’m so confident about Namecheap is that they have fantastic customer support. I have had so many good experiences with the Namecheap support department. I’m not tech-savvy, so I tend to contact customer support whenever I need to fix something. The excellent customer support of Namecheap never disappointed me in the last four years.

Prices are affordable

I have to admit that Namecheap is quite affordable as compared to other shared plans of various web hosting companies. I’m not sticking to Namecheap because of their low prices. I have paid $15 per month to a famous web hosting company in the past and left them due to downtime issues. So the price isn’t a factor here anyway. They offer insanely low prices for the first year, and the price goes to the regular rate from next year.

The affiliate program is available

It gets easier for companies to attract pro-bloggers and affiliate marketers by launching their affiliate programs. Pro-bloggers and affiliate marketers prefer products that they could promote and earn commissions along the way. Namecheap has a successful affiliate program on the ShareASale network, which is a huge plus.

Page loading speed is satisfactory

Page loading speed is an important ranking signal in Google. You might not hear about it much because you just started blogging or niche site-building. Professional webmasters and pro-bloggers pay close attention to the website speed. Google has also announced a page experience update for May 2021, which means website owners must improve the page quality, speed, and overall user-experience to avoid the hit. I use different caching and image optimization plugins across all sites. ShortPixel and WP-Optimize are my favorite tools for caching and image optimization.

Should You Use the Namecheap Shared Web Hosting?

If you’re still wondering whether or not you should buy Namecheap shared hosting, then here’s my point of view: not only am I promoting Namecheap, but I have been using it for the past few years, which manifests why I’m recommending it.

It may seem like I’m pushing this web hosting so hard, but it’s what I feel about it. It’s an affordable, effective, and good-quality web hosting service. And, I’m a satisfied customer of Namecheap shared web hosting for the past four years or so.

What else should I say? If I ever switch to a new web hosting service, I might put an update note on this blog post about the switch. I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t use this web hosting service if you don’t have a large website with hundreds of thousands of pageviews per month.

What do you think about using the Namecheap shared web hosting?