Is it the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugin for Amazon Associates?


A paid Amazon affiliate plugin doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best WordPress plugin for running an Amazon Associates website. I have had an unpleasant experience of trying a paid Amazon affiliate plugin that didn’t work out.

Please keep in mind that I used that plugin in the second quarter of 2019. Maybe, now it has gotten a lot better. What I have seen on Envato Marketplace is that the plugins and themes get updated from time to time.

Speaking of a WordPress theme, it reminded me of the fastest WordPress theme that I’m planning on trying out on a new site.

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Anyway, the paid Amazon affiliate plugin I’m talking about is GutenSearch. It’s used to embed Amazon products to WordPress posts using the search functionality of the plugin.

paid amazon affiliate plugin

Here are five key benefits of using this plugin:

1. Two types of checkout

It supports both direct checkouts and Add to cart. You’d be aware that Amazon has a 24-hour cookie period for affiliates. However, when a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart, then the cookie period extends to 90 days. A lot of people don’t know about this.

2. No API key required

You don’t need an API key to use this paid Amazon affiliate plugin. However, when you’re inserting Amazon products into your page or post using GutenSearch, it’d require you to add the Amazon tracking code to attribute sales to your account.

3. Multiple countries

GutenSearch is compatible with all Amazon sites such as,,,, and others. Make sure you have installed OneLink code to your websites or blog to make GutenSearch properly direct visitors to the appropriate site.

4. Custom designing

Users can add colors to the GutenSearch tables to give them a custom look. It seamlessly integrates with WordPress color settings and uses some of the default functions of the WordPress system.

5. Layout setup

You can alter the layout setup by changing the setting, meaning you can choose how many columns you want for product tables or how many products you want to display on a page.

So these were five of the main features of the GutenSearch WordPress plugin.

Why I Stopped Using GutenSearch Plugin

When I purchased this plugin in 2019, I thought it’d be a great solution for running an Amazon affiliate site, but it turns out, I had to deactivate the plugin.

The reason was the glitch in the call-to-action buttons; they used to become unclickable. When I noticed the problem, I thought it was a temporary glitch in the web browser or something. So I ignored it, but the problem came persistently afterward.

It was a massive blow for someone who paid a little money for a plugin. Therefore, I immediately uninstalled the plugin, never looked back.

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Should You Use GutenSearch Plugin?

I often try out different tools and plugins and talk about my first-hand experience. If you’re wondering whether or not you should use the GutenSearch plugin, then here’s my take: It’s up to you to try it out, but I’m going to wait until it gets updated for the latest WordPress edition. I might try the GutenSearch plugin in the first quarter of 2021 or maybe later.

It has to be recently updated. Before writing this blog post, I glanced at the plugin once again and found out that the plugin was updated in April 2020.

Furthermore, it’s compatible with WordPress 5.0, but I’m using 5.5 on my site. So I’ll wait until the next plugin update before I try this plugin out again.

I’ll update this blog post in the future if I try the updated edition of the plugin, and it turns out to be an improved version. So this means, expect an update note at the end of this blog post.

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