Multiple Blog Income Streams for Beginner Bloggers


multiple blog income streams for beginner bloggers

A lot of beginners have asked me how they can start blog income lately. And I have multiple blog income streams in mind to share with them. So I decided to write a blog post about different blog income ideas to make money online.

How can we start blog income?

Well, when some beginners asked me the same question — I built a persona of a new blogger who has started blogging or about to start blogging but struggling to figure out the money-making part.

So, I told myself that today’s job is to produce a handy piece of content for beginners, which could help them figure out blog income.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in the blog post could be affiliate links, which means we’d earn commissions if you buy the products, but it won’t cost you any extra money. Please read the disclosure page for more details.

Let’s don’t waste more time and get right into it:

Since you’re a blogger and have already started blogging, I believe. If you haven’t started yet, then check out the guide to start your blog for 75$ or less. You’re about to read a two-part content. The first would be the strategies that drive the blog toward growth and the second would be opting for the right option to make money off of your blog.

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Growth Strategies to Apply to Start Your Blog Income

The following strategies will make you someone that stands a chance in the crowded blogosphere:

Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a game-changer. If you’re building the relations in the blogosphere and surrounding yourself with relevant and successful people, you’re in good hands. I don’t care whether you join Twitter chats or Facebook groups, as long as the engagement with the quality network is happening, it’s all good. So, please, do what you can to start a social media engagement with the right people who understand your niche and find your content valuable.

Guest Posting

One of the fundamental growth techniques every blogger should adopt is guest posting. If you come across an SEO expert who says to guest post on others’ blogs to get the link juice, then you should do two things right away. 1) Tell him or her that almost everyone keeps external links as nofollow. 2) Runaway as fast as you can and don’t look back.

The reason I’m recommending guest posting is that it’s a great strategy to build relations with other bloggers by providing them your best content to publish on their blogs. You also get an opportunity to meet an entirely new audience on someone else’s blog. Don’t do guest posting for SEO. Instead, do guest posting to build relations, reputation, and goodwill.

Helping the Readers

Go the extra mile to help out the readers. Create content that helps the audience. If you aren’t sure about your audience, then try to figure it out. You must work on that to bring clarity to your targeting. The reason I’m focusing on the identification of your target audience is that you’ll be able to produce the right form of content for your readers. So, help your readers by understanding their problems and solving them through your content.

Useful Commenting

Don’t back off of blog commenting. It’s a lot of work. First off, you need to find the right kind of blogs, meaning, the blogs in your niche, then you need to read the blog posts, and afterward, you have to write the amazing comments that genuinely help others. You have to put a lot of energy into this.

Instagram Direct Message

Use Instagram’s direct messaging to offer value to others. Either it could be a blog layout fix or a typo if you reach out to other bloggers to show your solidarity and appreciation toward their work; they will respond positively. Maybe, 8 out of 10 won’t reply, but if 2 out of 10 do reply to you, it still is a good deal. Build relations with other bloggers, whether it’s on Instagram or any other platform, you got to help, appreciate, or motivate people to show your sincerity. It’ll get your attention.

Multiple Blog Income Streams to Test out

Once you’ve gone through the growth strategies, the next up is the selection of a suitable monetization strategy. All successful bloggers have multiple income streams. I’ll walk you through the opportunities that you may come across in your blogging journey. The purpose is to give you awareness and let you decide what you want to choose. Let’s take a look at the income streams to test out:

Google Adsense

It’s the most popular PPC ad program. Most of the newbie bloggers rush to join Google Adsense after launching their blogs. I recommend to test out this program once your blog gets a ton of traffic every month. In the beginning, it might not make a dime.


Joining the right affiliates may help you earn money from your blog from day one. Once you choose the right product to promote as an affiliate marketer, it opens up a whole new space for your blog. I recommend trying out affiliate marketing as your first monetization strategy.


There is no problem in offering your freelance service on your blog. I’d recommend opting for freelancing if you’re ready to go all in. The reason is that if you have a freelance service, then you should avoid the extra fluff on your blog, for example, Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. You can start offering a freelance service as soon as the blog goes live.


Don’t hesitate to try out the Fiverr network. It’s a popular freelancing platform. You can use the blog to advertise your Fiverr gigs as well. I’m not a big fan of testing out various monetization strategies at once. However, testing and adopting multiple strategies are two different things. Fiverr is an option that you can integrate with any other monetization strategy, though.


There are different speakers, trainers, and experts who sell their consultancy to the clients. If you’re a professional expert of some kind and your blogging niche relates to your expertise, then you can offer your consultancy through your blog. It might not happen for every blogging beginner out there, but if it makes sense to you, then use your blog to offer your consultancy.


Just like affiliate marketing, you can start offering your service from day one on your blog. I’d recommend not mixing up Google Adsense with selling your service. Instead, you can slightly use affiliate marketing, though. Try using in-text links for affiliate marketing and sell your service through banner ads, a hire me page, and squeeze pages.


E-books are a great option to start making money on your blog. You can sell e-books through Selz, Gumroad, and E-Junkie. However, it comes down to what you have got to offer and why you should pick selling e-books. In fact, you must decide for yourself whether you can make, market, and sell e-books or not.


The purpose of this blog post was to give you a practical solution to start earning money from your blog. The ideal reader in my mind was someone who just started blogging a while back, and still struggling to make money online. If you’re one of them; don’t panic. It takes a while to get things started, anyway.

If you’re looking up to a blogger who started a blog a year back and now earns $2,000 each month, then don’t feel overwhelmed. Everyone is different; you don’t know about someone else’s struggles in the blogging career. Perhaps, that person is more talented or hardworking than you.

All you need is to focus on your strengths without dwelling on your failures.

You’ll get there where a lot of bloggers are standing now.

Do you know how they reached there?

They kept on going; it’s the key to their success.


In the end, I’d say: try to find your thing. If strategy A works for a friend, it doesn’t have to be the same for you. You may have to look at the B or C or D.

What would you choose to make your blog income strategy?

Let’s talk in the comments section.