Best Ways to Make Money from Pay Per Download Sites


make money from pay per download website

Are you wondering what could be the best way to make money from pay-per-download sites? I have a bunch of ideas for you to make money through file-sharing or pay-per-download websites.

I got to say, people are still crazy about making money from old, traditional online money-making methods, so to speak. Perhaps, the reason is that newcomers keep on coming in, and therefore, the demand for these file-sharing websites remains intact.

When I was reached out by a couple of beginners and they kept on asking me about survey websites and pay-per-download websites to make some extra dollars on the side.

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links in the blog post could be affiliate links, which means we’d earn commissions if you buy the products, but it won’t cost you any extra money. Please read the disclosure page for more details.

I realized that these online money-making tactics aren’t completely obsolete yet. Maybe, we have moved on as pro bloggers and freelancers, but a lot of beginners are still chasing the old tactics.

Anyway, I’ve tried my best to help guide beginners in so many areas, such as:

So I thought to shed some light on some of the best ways to make money from pay-per-download websites. Even though I have shared some of the best file sharing websites to upload your files to make money in the past.

Now, in this blog post, I’ll uncover some of the items you can use to upload to file-sharing websites to make money. You could create and upload as many items as you want as long as you aren’t breaching any copyright laws. Always create your products or else use the items that you have the right to distribute publicly.

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7 Products to Make Money through Pay Per Download Websites

Keep in mind that you don’t have to create all of these products to make money with pay-per-download websites. The purpose of sharing multiple items is to provide several options to choose from. So pick the one that aligns with your passion or industry or strength. Plus, you can come up with as many products as you want in the chosen category.

Here are seven products you can upload to file-sharing websites to make money:

1. Keywords Spreadsheets

Keyword research is one of the hottest topics among bloggers and affiliate marketers. Since most powerful keyword research tools aren’t affordable for everyone, finding the keywords has always been an interesting area to discuss.

The idea is that if you have got access to a reputable keyword research tool, you can put together spreadsheets of keywords to distribute to your audience. You can use a file-sharing website to upload that keywords spreadsheet to put out for the audience. It’ll be a downloadable item that you generated without risking anything. Moreover, a portion of your audience might want to get their hands on the keywords spreadsheet as soon as possible.

2. PDF Ebooks

Creating multiple brief PDF ebooks could turn things around for you if you want to make money with pay-per-download websites. You can either create the PDF ebooks yourself or hire a writer to write the ebooks. Once you’re done with the ebooks preparation, you can upload the ebooks to any popular file-sharing website to start offering them on your blog.

Make sure that you come up with appealing topics to cover and put up on the blog where they’re visible. Otherwise, blog visitors might not notice it, and the whole idea of offering free downloadable PDF ebooks would fall apart.

3. Video Tutorials

Video isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re okay with being on camera, you can crush it with your pay-per-download campaign. The idea is to create video tutorials and upload them to the favorite file-sharing website and start sharing the link on the blog and social media. You’ll be making money when people would download your video tutorials. Try to pick relevant yet interesting topics to make tutorials on and offer to the audience.

If you’re wondering how you could upload a large video file, then you should do some digging. Check out this guide on splitting a zipped folder into multiple zipped files.

4. Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are an important element of web browsing on the internet. There are hundreds of thousands of Chrome extensions available on the Chrome web store. You can put out a bunch of Chrome extensions through your pay-per-download service and promote the links on social media as well as blogs to make money.

The caveat is that you got to be a web developer or someone who knows how to code. Otherwise, it won’t be possible to pull this off. Don’t offer the Chrome extensions that you didn’t develop or you don’t have the right to distribute. If you start distributing someone else’s item on the internet, you could get DMCA complaints and you could lose your file-sharing service account.

5. WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are WordPress modules that users install on their WordPress-based websites to do specific jobs on the website. There are both free and paid WordPress plugins that are available on the market. A lot of companies put out free versions of the plugins to get attention and offer premium versions for those who want to upgrade to the premium versions of the plugins.

The opportunity here is that you can develop a series of good plugins that could help the website owners and offer them a file-sharing service. Your pay-per-download campaign would act as a paywall, meaning to get the plugin, the user needs to download it from the given link.

However, the same DMCA rules apply to distributing someone else’s WordPress plugins too. You should only use WordPress plugins that you developed or hired someone to develop it for you. Otherwise, it won’t be good for business.

6. Website Templates

Website templates or WordPress themes are one of the most downloaded items on the internet. If you’re a web developer, you can easily come up with several website templates to offer for free. Use a file-sharing service to provide a collection of website templates that you developed or you have the right to publicly distribute.

Make sure that you have an audience that is interested in the website templates. Some bloggers try to offer things that aren’t relevant to their audience. For instance, if you have a blog on blogging tips and your articles related to website launching get a lot of traction, then it means it can work on your blog. Anyway, I’m using the fastest WordPress theme for a blog on some of my sites, in case you’re wondering.

7. Font Collection

The font creation and distribution might be something new for you, but there are graphic designers, web developers, app developers, printing services, magazines, and others who hunt for the best fonts to use.

Since there is an audience that is looking to find good fonts, you could provide the fonts you created or hire someone to create and make money when your font collection is downloaded.

What’s Your Favorite Method to Make Money from Pay Per Download Site?

Making money from pay-per-download websites or through file-sharing might be something new for you, but it’s been there for a long time.

Since my previous blog post on file-sharing websites did extremely well on the blog, so I thought to talk about making money from pay-per-download websites once more.

The core element of this blog post is the items/ideas that you can use on the file-sharing websites to upload for making money online. If you found the product ideas I shared useful, then do let me know in the comments section.

If you were to start making money from pay per download site, what item would you create and upload to distribute online?