What Should You Know About Flipping a Niche Website?


Flipping a niche website is a rapidly growing business model. If “website flipping” interests you and you’re wondering what you should know about flipping a niche website, then you’re at the right place.

I’ve flipped one website in the past, and let’s say, it caught me off guard. I won’t say it was a total failure, but it wasn’t very successful either. However, I learned a lot after that experience, and I’m sure I’ll flip the next websites without any issues whatsoever. I don’t want to get into the details.

I don’t consider myself an expert website flipper just yet, but I love to share lessons I learn along the way. It looks like we have a common agenda as you also seem interested in building a niche site to flip, so I thought to share what I learned about website flipping so far.

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For those of you who have no idea about the website valuation, your mind will blow away once you find out more about it. If your website or blog is making a passive income every month, then it’s worth more than you think it is.

It’ll be unfair to bombard some of you with the tips on flipping a niche website when you aren’t 100% sure about a “niche site.” So here’s a bit of explanation on a niche site:

What’s a Niche Website?

A niche website is a blog or website that is specific to a certain topic or subject and usually it is designed to answer the queries of a certain segment of the audience.

Furthermore, niche websites mostly rely on organic search traffic, but over time, niche websites also develop direct traffic and a subscriber base. A niche website is normally created to make money online, not just through monetization methods but also by flipping the site for a lump sum figure.

So I’m sure now you know what a niche website is.

Let’s move forward.

I have compiled a handful of tips for anyone who wants to flip a site, whether you’re establishing an authority site or a niche website.

What Should You Know About Flipping a Niche Website?

Now I’m about to share the best tips on flipping a niche website right off the bat:

Things You Should Know About Flipping a Niche Website

Here we go:

Niche Website Price Estimation

One of the important things I didn’t know earlier was the website valuation formula. The way it works is quite fascinating to find out; it’s usually 30x of the monthly profit. For instance, a website that makes $100 profit per month could easily be sold for $3,000.

However, 30x multiple for every website isn’t necessary. You’d find websites that are sold between 26x to 49x of their monthly profit. It depends on the monetization methods, which I’d uncover in one of the next points.

Amazon Associates Monetization

I learned that any niche website that is monetized through Amazon Associates program is the easiest one to flip. Perhaps, people know and trust Amazon, which is why the niche sites that are monetized with Amazon Associates program are easier to sell as compared to sites that are monetized through other affiliate programs. I always thought a site that earns through Google AdSense might be more attractive for small and mid-range site buyers, but I was wrong about it.

Popular Monetization Methods

I have been following niche website makers and website flippers for the past two years. I was surprised to found out that ad networks weren’t the only site monetization source. The niche site builders and bloggers monetize their niche websites through various ways such as Amazon FBA, affiliate programs, info products, dropshipping, and more.

Esrow.com Availability

I didn’t know until 2020 that Escrow doesn’t accept a lot of countries. Escrow.com is a popular escrow service that works as a mediator between the seller and buyer. A lot of online business sellers and buyers use Escrow.com for their transactions. I did my research on the alternatives and found a couple of services that were country-specific and weren’t operating globally.

Website Buying & Selling Platforms

During the research, I found out that there is a bunch of lesser-known yet reputable website flipping platforms out there. You probably know about Flippa and EmpireFlippers, but there are a few more that I’m closely looking at for the future. The first one I might try out is Motion Invest; I have been following one of the founders for a long time, and I want to see how it goes.

website flipping platformMotion Invest is a fantastic website flipping platform. You can buy or sell small to mid-range niche websites on Motion Invest. Check It Out!

How Would You Flip Your Website Now?

I don’t talk about cryptocurrencies online because I have no idea about the crypto market. In fact, I think niche site-building is the best alternative investment to cryptocurrencies.

The bottom line is that I have sold niche websites in the past, so I know a little bit about this industry.

I have shared what I learned about flipping websites in the past few years. I also revealed that I might reach out to Motion Invest once one of my niche sites crosses a certain milestone in the monthly profit.

I know that most readers won’t be looking to flip their websites or haven’t reached the point where they could think about flipping their sites. It’s all okay because we all have been there.

So my question to you is, how would you flip a website?

I’m interested in finding out your answer; feel free to name-drop the favorite website flipping platforms.

Let’s talk in the comments section.