Why Should Bloggers Self-Publish eBooks?

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Have you ever thought what makes you stand out online?

How do you look in the eyes of readers?

My 3-year-old niece often rifles through my drawers looking for playthings. She pulls out my Blogging From Paradise paperbacks and asks about my books. I explain how Uncle Ryan wrote the books and sells the hardcovers to his readers.

She is a smart kid but cannot quite grasp the concept of blogging. She can, however, understand a tangible paperback she can see and touch.

Grown-ups are not too different. You and I know blogs. But we need something lasting and memorable to choose certain blogs from the hundreds of millions of blogs online. Enter self-publishing.

Writing and self-publishing eBooks is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd. Imagine a library of branding tools guaranteed to distance you from most bloggers in your niche. Amazon made it as simple as ever to write, self-publish and ship eBooks but a wide variety of digital storefronts provide you with options for writing and selling eBooks.

Self-publishing fears paralyze most bloggers who ponder going this route. I felt incredibly intimidated to write eBooks years ago. A good blogging buddy goaded me to write on a different platform – before I self-published on Amazon – that would up being a failure. But the foray into self-publishing gave me a wee bit of confidence and experience in the writing game.

Do not give in to fear. I know how scary it feels to brainstorm eBooks, to build outlines and to actually fill the thing up with helpful, spot-on content. But tasting the benefits of self-publishing assails fears and inspires you to write and ship.

bloggers should publish ebooks

Why should you self-publish eBooks as an author?

Check out these reasons:

Show Off Your Knowledge

I respect bloggers who publish valued content.

I see their brand in a more powerful light if said blogger writes 1 or more eBooks for self-publishing. Why? You need to be highly knowledgeable to self-publish a 6,000 to 15,000 word eBook. Even though writing eBooks is fairly simple; you still need to know your stuff to fill an entire eBook with valued content.

Be a showman or show-woman. Write eBooks to impress readers with your knowledge. Impressed readers trust you. Trusting readers become loyal clients, happy customers, and brand advocates.

Brand Yourself

Write eBooks to brand yourself.

Blogs brand you effectively but visiting Amazon and seeing eBooks under your name brands you even more effectively; something about seeing your name associated with eBooks takes things up a few levels.

Whatever digital storefront you sell through, bloggers brand themselves intelligently by writing and self-publishing eBooks.

Have you wondered why people go on book tours? Writing an entire book is an impressive feat. Tours simply give authors the shine they deserve for patiently writing an entire book, adding immense branding juice to their overall brand.

Open a Passive Income Stream

Receive monthly payments or weekly payments of passive eBook income.

Passive income stabilizes your blogging income model. Clients may come and go but if you drive a high volume of targeted blog traffic you increase your passive income slowly but steadily over the long haul.

Inspire Fellow Bloggers

I wrote How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook after bloggers asked me to do so. People felt inspired by my work and wanted a complete guide to writing eBooks successfully.

Write eBooks on any variety of topics aligned with your niche to influence readers to write eBooks. Give people a nudge to exit their comfort zone for increased blogging success.

Offer Readers Thorough Guides

Even long-form blog posts rarely span 5,000 words or more these days while eBooks generally spam 5,000 to 15,000 words.

Blog posts cover problems thoroughly but eBooks drill down into complete, comprehensive guides providing readers with a solution to a pressing problem.

Readers enjoy accessing a complete solution to their issues. Offer the solution through your eBook. Gain trust, increase your credibility, grow your audience and expand your blogging business.

Start Writing Today

Do not put off writing your first eBook. The mind finds sneaky ways to avoid writing an eBook because fears make bloggers play small. I tried wriggling out of writing my first eBook in 2013 but my dear friend actually visited me in India, while I traveled through southern India, because he lived close to one of my tourist destinations. My buddy literally showed up and goaded me to write and self-publish the eBook to inspire people and to prosper myself.

I had to start writing. He almost looked over my shoulder to ensure I completed the thing.

I have to give him credit as he taught me a valuable lesson in writing and self-publishing; you better start writing now or the job will never get done.

Start writing your eBook now. Capitalize on these glowing blogging benefits and help your readers in the process.


  1. Hey Ryan,

    Great post as always.
    I’m working on my next book; you’re mentioned in it. I’m self-publishing it on Amazon. I’m very excited about that because this time around, my book will also be available in print form. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Fantastic as always. Good to see you here. No doubt, being a genuine an skillful blogger, the doors are always open for multiple source of passive income.

    And certainly, e-books are one of them. You being a content ninja has already published 126 e-books already. Does the number increased? I am not sure. And it won’t be surprise at all even if it does. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You have inspired many fellow bloggers through your content and networking skills. It’s always a Surprise to see you all around. Certainly, that makes you stand out. Thanks for inspiring. Though, I haven’t started any ebook yet, but will do it for sure, atleast will try to taste the sweetness of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Fingers crossed!

    Thanks Ryan and Hassaan, have a wonderful day!

  3. Great post Ryan. I really liked this one. I think writhing an ebook will be my next task.

    Like the sugar ants in my condo, your everywhere on the internet.

    Khan Greg

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