Should You Write Short Blog Posts? Are They Good or Bad?

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should you write short blog posts

Should you write short blog posts too? How long should a blog post be? Do only long articles get ranked on the first page of Google? If you’ve heard or asked these questions, then this blog post is for you.

I’m a big advocate of writing meaningful and helpful content that is written with the user intent in mind and helps solve the readers’ problems. I have noticed over and over again that long-form content doesn’t always bring organic visitors. On the other hand, sometimes, a brief, to-the-point blog post starts to get ranked on the first page and brings a lot of visitors.

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The common understanding about the length of the blog posts is that the longer, the better — isn’t it? We all have seen pro-bloggers and SEOs rave about the length of the articles. Not only do they preach, but they also publish long articles to dominate the SERP.

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I don’t say that you shouldn’t produce long blog posts. All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t always try to stretch the articles for the sake of numbers. I’ve seen my both long and short blog posts ranked in the first three positions of the first page in Google. I figured out that there is no such thing as only 2,600 to 4,200 words blog posts get ranked on the first page in Google.

Everybody knows that there are many ranking factors that search engines see before ranking a page, post, or website in the SERP. However, the good news is that you don’t always have to produce long and hefty blog posts to rank in Google, but instead, you can dominate the competition by writing short blog posts too.

Let me share why you can still dominate the SERP even if you don’t always write long-form articles.

The Secret to Winning With Short Blog Posts

I’ve learned in the past ten years or so that if your target audience is crystal clear to you and you know the answer to their questions, you can dominate the SEO area and get a lot of organic visitors.

What most bloggers and website owners overlook is users’ intent, which means they don’t strive to understand the searchers’ pain point. So the weak search analysis leads to the wrong selection of topics or blog post titles. Thus, they don’t even near to the first two pages in SERP.

Ever since I started paying close attention to the target audience’s real problems and the possible answer to remedy their pains, my organic traffic has gone up. Had I not started thinking about the target audience issues, this wouldn’t have been possible.

The biggest secret of winning with your blogging is that you keep the finger on the audience’s pulse. Once you make this happen, you don’t have to worry about the short blog posts. The premise of this section is that write to-the-point yet meaningful content that solves the readers’ problems.

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Why Short Blog Posts Matter

There isn’t a single reason why I like writing short blog posts from time to time. Here are some of the things short blog posts could do for you:

#1 – Shorter blog posts remove the size barrier

The number one benefit short blog posts provide is the perception of conciseness. People are likely to go ahead once they scan the blog post before reading, and find out that the blog post isn’t lengthy. Almost everyone scans the blog post before reading. I do it. Once the blog post size gives a message of shortness, it triggers the signal in a reader’s mind that it won’t take much longer, so let’s read it.

#2 – They’re easy to read

Have you seen some of the blogs that have an estimated time mentioned in the blog post that how long it is going to take to read this blog post? In my opinion, the purpose is to showcase the time span like 6 minutes read or 9 minutes read just to make sure that the visitors find it convenient to read the complete blog post. However, the point is how easy it looks to finish up reading the blog post. Once the reader knows that it’s easy to do, he or she is likely to move forward to reading it.

#3 – The solution looks obvious

One of the psychological benefits of the short blog posts is that the answer seems to come off pretty quickly. It appears that interested readers are likely to read it since it won’t take much longer. On the contrary, when a reader looks at the longer blog post to find out the solution, the first impression it gives to the reader is that it will take some time to finish it off. The chances are, either the reader bookmarks it or leaves it if he or she doesn’t decide to start reading instantaneously.

#4 – The context remains clear

Being a blogger, I know how challenging it is to write an in-depth and long blog post. One of the keys is to stick to the context of the blog post. What happens sometimes is that the blogger loses the trail while writing a lengthy blog post, and it results in taking readers off the topic. But the shorter blog posts have some perks; one of those perks is that it’s quite easy to keep holding on to the point. Thus, the context remains clear throughout the end.

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Would You Write Short Blog Posts Now?

I enjoy writing and reading in-depth blog posts. The point isn’t to replace the long blog posts with the short ones.

In fact, I just want to convey that the short blog posts can work as well.

Blogging isn’t about writing long blog posts that take days to write and hours to read. The core purpose of blogging is always the delivery of value.

A short blog post that solves a problem of a specific audience is better than a long-form pointless blog post that doesn’t help anyone.

Does this blog post change your perception of short blog posts?

Let’s talk in the comments below.


  1. Hassaan, great to see your new blog. Well done and best wishes for the future.

    After writing a few long form blog posts, the idea and execution of writing short form is like a breath of fresh air. You are right, they are easier to create and break the barrier or procrastination.

    And if your message is strong, why waste more words. You can always do it in short and precise manner.

    Good post, thanks for sharing. Good luck with your blog. Cheers


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